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What Makes a Woman Beautiful?

by Amarachi Ruth

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"What Makes A Woman Beautiful?" It is not her beauty. You can be beautiful, and all the men will run away from you because of your character. It is not money: or sexual attraction, etc., but the character of the woman will elevate the man to reach his goal in life: which also affects deeply the children in a positive or negative way. There is a saying that goes: "Behind a successful man lies a wise and godly woman. These things are fading away in our culture. It is all about sex, money, beauty.

Women are not at home anymore to raise their children. Parents are not home anymore to rase the children. Children are killing everybody, shooting everybody. They learn all kinds of wickedness on TV: no parents to teach and nurture them; and nobody monitors what they do. Women are at work: men are at work. Children are left alone to do as they please. It is the fall of a nation when children are not taught or groomed to take over another generation when this present one is gone.

What Makes A Woman Beautiful?" It is her submissiveness to God's command: to be humble and submissive to her husband and love him. I also discussed the most beautiful women in the world in the book. Read this book. It is a rare book that uplifts and perpetuates culture, history and intellectual curiosity and property. We need good books to help change our world for good again.That will restore peace in America and the world, not chaos and turbulence. Books are not just for money: a good book can change your life for good and great progress.


"What Makes A Woman Beautiful? Is a book about the unique, powerful, extraordinary, and profound nature of women. Without a woman, they will be no human being on earth. Her humility, love, and submissiveness to her husband also affects her husband and children in a negative or positive way. That can uplift or crumble a family. In a culture that lays great emphasis on a woman's beauty, sexual attraction, money, etc., this book delves deeper into the significant thing that sustains relationship and marriages, and what actually makes a woman beautiful.

Anything can crush and destroy beauty, sexual attraction diminishes after a while, and money doesn't last forever. This book also lays great emphasis on the need to get to know and understand who you are having relationship with. Don't delve into sex immediately you meet a man or a woman; don't be carried away by their beauty or handsomeness; don't be carried away by their money. Sooner or later, these things will collapse and fade off. Try to understand who you are having relationship with in a deeper way: how do they think, do you bond on crucial things in life, do you share many things in common, are they kind or hard heated. Get to know as much as you can to make wise and solid decision, not based on sexual attraction, money, or beauty, etc.

The Scripture says: "Beauty is vain, favor is deceitful, but a woman that feareth the Lord shall be praised." Igbo culture in Nigeria says: "Agwa bu mma," which means character is beauty. "A woman that feareth the Lord is the glory of the husband." A woman can be so beautiful, and men will run away from her due to her character. A woman who submits to her husband in humility as God commands her lifts the man up in a rare way to fulfill his destiny: and children will grow to perpetuate great family heritage.

The woman can't insult her husband, and humiliate him, even if you are more talented: neither should the man abuse, dominate and insult the wife. The Scripture warns: "Husbands love your wives as God loves the church. " It is God's deep love, mercy, and great compassion that keeps and sustains our world, despite our wickedness and disobedience to God. Should men love their wives as God loves the church, It will be a beautiful world.

"What Makes A Woman Beautiful has received powerful review, and many women got so excited about the book. It is a rare book that uplifts culture, history, and intellectual curiosity and property; compared to many books written today without purpose, and immediately they are published, they die because they have no plausibility and up liftment. This book will enrich a woman's outlook to relationship and marriage: that her ability to take her responsibility in a marriage relationship can destroy communities, societies and the world. In our American culture today, women are gone: they are all in the offices; the men are all in the offices. Nobody cares about the children. They live their lives on TV emulating and learning all kinds of wicked things. It is the power of women abandoning the home. Women have enormous power in the world. Women have great capacity and immense power to change their societies through their humble submission to God's command and obedience to their husbands.

"What Makes A Woman Beautiful?" is all about character. This book discusses if there is actually an ugly woman, the most beautiful women in the world, and the aging process of women, and how they can prepare for their aging process. It is a powerful book for a woman to read. It is a book rare, informative, and can change your life for good as a woman.

About the author

The author is the writer and publisher of a new book: "The Foolishness Of War Is Greed By Nations Of The World. A Look At Desire & How To Curb It," and more books: The Nanny Crisis In America: The Abandoned Children, Poems Of Hope For Our Turbulent Time, Choices Determine Destiny: Is her love doomed because . . . The Demands Of Christian Discipleship In A Strong Materialistic Age: Vol. 1&2

She is a former associate minister at B AME Church, Boston, Massachusetts. A graduate at Prairie Bible Bible College, Three Hills, Alberta, Canada; studied Journalism at Multnomah University, Portland, Oregon; and Communications at South Western Baptist Theological Seminary, Forth Worth, Texas. Now a show host at Cambridge Television, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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