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  • SubGenre:Writing / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:61
  • eBook ISBN:9781617922558

What Comes Naturally... Before I Forget

by Huishan Oh

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What Comes Naturally... Before I Forget is a book of lyrical proses and very, very short stories. It has short stories on love, vampires, fantasy, magic, a bit of humour, sadness, positivity & darkness. The prose section also consists of lovely romantic pieces of prose. From an emotional author to her readers, Oh Huishan presents to you her portfolio of writing abilities in her moments of clarity and instability.
Oh Huishan addresses the issues in her life through fictional and lyrical prose writing, along with some short story ideas in this book “What Comes Naturally… Before I Forget”. This also serves as part of her portfolio of writings. Let the pieces of prose and short stories pique your interest. There are themes of love, fantasy, vampires, magic, mental illness and even humour. After her first book “Words That I Can’t Say — A Workbook For Journal Therapy”, Oh Huishan continues to write to replace her tears and sadness with words and inspiration. Oh Huishan is a certified stress management coach and self published author. Having to deal with the long term mental condition, schizophrenia, is definitely not easy and Huishan makes it a point to transcend the limitations of her long term ailment by being expressive through words about her current condition. The moments of clarity and instability are both captured in her works in this book. As Huishan builds up her concentration and writing stamina, she will write longer books. To find out more about Oh Huishan, visit her official author website at www.ohhuishan.com
About the author
Oh Huishan (31st October 1981) is a self published author and a stress management coach by training. She is also the Chapter Administrator of Association of Independent Authors (Chapter Singapore). She dropped out of diploma school and so her highest level of qualification is the O Levels with 8 subject passes. Oh Huishan is an ex new age junkie turned Christian turned current devoted follower of Goddess of Mercy. Due to combating with her long term ailment, the mental condition schizophrenia since being diagnosed in 2004, she decided to use writing as an anchor amidst her chaos and inner turmoil. From barely being able to write her own name to self publishing her debut book "Words That I Can't Say --- A Workbook For Journal Therapy", she has found writing to be very therapeutic. Her concentration span is improving as the days go by and it was because of the inability to focus for too long that she produced a short debut book. Her 2nd book, What Comes Naturally... Before I Forget will also be a short book but will be on pieces of lyrical prose and very very short stories. Oh Huishan is releasing her 2nd book as an ebook first and then as a print edition later on. Her third project will be a test on her stamina to write a short novel, a step further than a short book but not as long as a typical novel. Listening to music all day long is a daily must for her. She simply cannot do without music. Sometimes when medication numbs her feelings, she listens to emotional songs and feels like a normal person again. At other times, she just listens to music to imagine about what next she should write. It helps her with inspiration. Meaningful lyrics of songs helps to give her inspiration too! There are times when she has so much to say and because of that sometimes she cannot read books because her mind is overactive and it in turn needs an output of writing. And so she tries to write snippets of stuff here and there until her mind is rested enough to read books. To find out more about Oh Huishan, visit her official author website www.ohhuishan.com and go to www.ohhuishanbooks.com to check out the list of online retail bookstores her book is being sold in.