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  • Genre:NATURE
  • SubGenre:Environmental Conservation & Protection
  • Language:English
  • Pages:32
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543920710


by Nick Mantis

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WATERVILLE illustrates the day to day adventures of a group of charismatic fish, insects and animals confronting issues relating to nature and the environment. Waterville offers children a way to become environmentally aware of the relationship between nature and the fish, insects, animals and human beings through the eyes of the fish, insects and animals that make Waterville their home.
Waterville is a natural wetland in the midwest of North America and home to a community of animals. The pond is as central to the population of Waterville as the town square is to a small rural village. The region is bordered by a small forest, a marsh, a stream, and a hilly meadow, allowing a wide variety of wildlife to call it home. Waterville is aptly named, as the waters there are the key to its life and beauty. There is nothing really ‘old’ about Waterville. The pond and trees seem forever young and fresh, as vulnerable as it is beautiful. The wetland will see the coming of storms and wind, snow and ice, even heat and drought, but the renewing hand of the seasons will restore the natural way of life to all. The presence of humans from time-to-time comes like the wind and the rain – something that the animals simply have to put up with. Not all people litter or pollute, but it is a bit difficult for the critters to know the good from the bad until it is too late. And, once a person has hurt the delicate balance of life of Waterville, only another can heal it…with a little help from the animal folk who call it home.
About the author
When Nick Mantis was a teenager, his family moved from an industrial city to a farmland community in Northwest Indiana. The change in environments made an impact on Nick by making him more aware of the relationship between people and nature. This awareness led Nick to pursue Environmental Studies that provided a wide range of environmental opportunities. Nick graduated from Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs. His first job was working at an Environmental Law Firm exposing Nick to the legal world between industry, government and its citizens. Nick also taught the first Environmental Awareness classes at U.S. Steel, one of the largest and oldest Steel Mills in the world. Nick then went on to produce videos for his local Waste Management Agency and The Indiana Dunes Learning Center. Nick’s background and his desire to be involved in the environmental field, motivated Nick to reach out to an audience eager to learn about environmental issues. So Nick created “Waterville” a Children’s Book series that takes the young reader through the day to day environmental adventures of a group of charismatic animals living in and around Waterville, a natural pond they call home. Nick is married, has two children, owns and operates a Video & Media Production Company serving the Northwest Indiana and greater Chicagoland market.