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  • SubGenre:Decision-Making & Problem Solving
  • Language:English
  • Pages:200
  • Format:Paperback
  • eBook ISBN:9781098308544
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098308537


Unlocking your Potential and Discipline for Success

by Martin Ssesanga DIPM MCIM MBA View author's profile page

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Vision: Unlocking your Potential and Discipline for Success" describes the importance of having a Vision and knowing the purpose for one's life. Even as the author draws from Christian examples, the same concepts apply to other religions and belief systems. The universal knowledge to embrace here is that God has a plan for each and everyone's life. He (God), had made this one heavenly decision: From the get go, He had decided that among the 500 million sperms he was going to allow to swim, reach and fertilize that egg to conceiving a baby, the chosen one was going to be none other than YOU! This is the moment to seize for every one born of a man and a woman. Whether you were saved out of a mass grave, picked from a dumpster, abandoned by your dad or mom, born out of wedlock, a product of rape or misogyny, God had and still has a plan just for you! This plan involves shifting the pain and grief you may have gone through and pivoting it to the cultivation of your God given potential. Ladies and gentlemen, we have the power to unleash the gifts and abilities in us to make the world a better place for humanity. After embracing this knowledge, the onus is then on each and every one of us to discover what this plan is for our individual lives. Even though it is not necessarily easy to follow, we choose to follow it as our life's purpose. But when we do, everything else falls into place. The author expresses this eloquently in a number of places. Something which goes like this: "We were not put here on earth just to eat and drink, then go to school, get a job that we might hate, pay endless bills, and then for some reasons beyond our control, we just die! No. But rather, God positioned each and every one of us here on earth for a specific purpose that only we can fulfill. It is only then, when life's experiences which is always a menu of tragedy and triumph, could capture the true essence for our existence."

We live in challenging times today. We see the rising rate of suicide, depression, company bankruptcies and other tragedies caused by pandemics such as the current coronavirus. Folks get stressed to the point of giving up. How do we then harness our Vision--even during these times?

The purpose of my book is to share principles which can help folks sustain their Vision even as they navigate such life’s turbulences. I hope that after reading this book, someone finds a viable reason to live. I hope that the experiences in my story inspire another person to overcome discouragement, depression and thoughts of suicide. The book encourages folks to never give up nor abandon their God given Vision. As well, the principles I share with the world are not just a prescription for prevention. But rather, I strongly believe that those who open the pages of my book will be inspired to act. As they cultivate personal strength and resolve, they will not only find meaning and purpose for their own lives-but they will also seek ways and means to lift that of other people.

The book motivates all of us to keep on living and learning-despite the various tragic episodes in our lives. Furthermore, I examine the root causes of crisis in society today. I then suggest alternatives to the status quo. As you read on, I trust that you will gain clear thinking and then, your actions will cast out fear. You will discover the truth and error in whatever camp you may find yourself entrenched. Most of the words used in this book as well as other references have been broken down for clarity. For instance, I define Vision as "the view of our end from the beginning." I examine the factors of Vision, its power and role. I then wrestle with the discipline required to leverage one’s potential to succeed despite any possible deterrence.

Vision alone can be dormant if its bearer is passive. The principles I suggest will encourage folks to cultivate their momentum to harness their Vision. I emphasize that we were all born with the potential to solve a specific community crisis. I offer personal, general, and biblical references to support these ideas. I evaluate the standard and specific methods of success which in turn can determine your resolve to stay the course----especially for the larger good of humanity.

Finally, I discuss the two factors which we cannot fight or avoid: Time and Change. They are constant. Therefore, to harness our vision(s), I suggest ways to accept these factors, understand them, and then manage them throughout your life’s journey. I then offer strategies to help in choosing your destiny. In this book, you will find the specific questions to ask and answer while readjusting your plan for success..

About the author

Martin has encapsulated that the greatest gift given to man is not that of Sight but one of Vision. This is a profound statement; bold even, coming from the voice of one who grew up in the dusty roads of Uganda. He was not deterred by any life’s turbulence---or by his peers and short-sighted role models who poured negatives into him like, "You will never make it...,” “Try something else...,” “You will never graduate...”

Martin’s vision of the future was not only louder than such voices, but it was also greater than the violent times he endured. His survival has led to this point when he gets to tell his compelling story and share his motivational pointers with the world. Martin’s success today is a true testament to the central theme of his book which states that “Without a Vision the People Perish,” Proverbs 29:18.

I recommend this simple but compelling read to anyone who needs more than a pair of eyes to imagine and visualize the impossible as absolutely possible.

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