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Book details
  • SubGenre:Sacred Sexuality
  • Language:English
  • Pages:58
  • eBook ISBN:9781483505916

Viagri's Sexy Stories For Adults

by Milton Gray

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Viagri demonstrates How to Release Your Inner Sex Goddess. Every female human was born with her inner sex goddess inside -- and the male equivalent in males -- waiting only to mature, to come forward and bring joy into each life. But such a high percentage of us were mentally poisoned at a young age, being told that sex is sinful, dirty, vulgar, improper and obscene. The antidote that most people need is simply permission to free the inner sex goddess that already exists, imprisoned inside us. The stories in this book show by example and logic how to unlock our own mental paralysis, and are tantalizingly erotic.
Each of the short stories in this collection presents a different view of the thrills of overcoming sexual inhibitions, and learning to recognize one's own deepest natural desires. The protagonist in each story finds a guide to lead him or her through the labyrinth of secret, forbidden pleasures and longings. In "I Married a Porn Star," James discovers that his dream girl, Elena, takes sexual thrill-seeking to much higher levels than he could ever imagine, and he has to really extend his boundaries to keep up. In "Salt and Pepper," white Bill and black Flame are surprised to discover unexpected passions in each other as they fall accidentally into a game of daring each other to commit to a sudden unplanned marriage. Humorous, compassionate and sexy. In "The P*ssy Wall," middle-age and deeply religious Mildred confronts the clash between her long held beliefs and the unexpected requirement that she must personally encourage her teen son to explore and pursue his natural desires for the female sex. In "Viagri Plays Strip Poker," Viagri confronts three male card sharps and is about to shed more than her clothes. In "Consensual, the Sexual Paradise," all sex is deemed consensual, and to retain one's residence, each individual must flaunt their sexuality and participate in sexual acts far beyond their former boundaries. In "Viagri Teaches Sex-Ed," Viagri tricks the smart-alecky Ronnie into participating in a level of bondage and sexual submission that he will not soon forget. In "The Glass Box," the beautiful Michelle desires to become a porn star, but today's rules are rapidly changing. Although Michelle is always free to leave, she finds herself challenged beyond anything she had ever anticipated. In "The Cougar," Corina devises a way to maintain her own private harem of men who must cater to her every sexual desire. In "Viagri's Sermon to the Unreligious" and "Viagri Advocates P*ssy Power," Viagri explains how to overcome sexual inhibitions, and how to reclaim the power of the sexual goddess that resides trapped inside every woman (and the male equivalent in men).
About the author
Milton Gray has been a writer for over twenty years, specializing in stories for movies and TV. He is also an artist and cartoon animator, whose work featuring the sexy Viagri Ampleten can be seen on the internet at www.viagriampleten.com and on Viagri's free adult website at www.MsViagri.com. Indeed a few of the stories in this new book are available for free on the latter web site. Mr. Gray specializes in stories that advocate sex as bawdy yet classy and glamorous, as opposed to vulgar or mean spirited. Having survived and overcome a very religious background, Mr. Gray's stories focus largely on the thrills of overcoming sexual inhibitions and guilt. Mr. Gray is married and lives in Los Angeles.