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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Christian Living / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:300
  • eBook ISBN:9798885676298


God's good news may be better than you think

by Mike Rose

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In this book, Pastor Mike Rose makes the case that a number of the teachings that we have digested have included a mixture that makes the Good News less good in many ways. It is time to reclaim and untangle the Good News in all of it's fullness. The Gospel is infinitely better than many of us have known! AS YOU READ THIS BOOK: Relationship over religion. Life over law. Faith over fear. Grace over works. Mercy over judgment. Freedom over bondage.
Perhaps the title of this book, Untangled, has stirred your curiosity. In most situations, tangles are bothersome at best. In others, they can be downright dangerous! Our Granddaughters, Macy and Peyton, have beautiful long hair. I have witnessed many tears over the years as my wife, Deenie (aka "Mamie"), has combed out the painful tangles. In our Southeast Alaska waters, hungry and curious whales occasionally find themselves tangled in commercial fishing nets. Some entangled whales are set free by people specially trained to deliver them while other whales will swim throughout the rest of their lives tangled and encumbered. Not long ago, a humpback whale made it all the way from Southeast Alaska to Hawaii dragging a large commercial fishing net buoy! Unfortunately, in this same way, many Christians are living their lives unknowingly entangled and burdened. The weight of religion, tradition, and inaccurate Bible teachings have caused many believers to experience lives of frustration where they should be experiencing lives of freedom! Perhaps you've heard the saying, "You don't know what you don't know." Many of the teachings I will share in the following pages are lessons from my own journey of becoming untangled that I wish I would have learned forty-five years ago. Through this book, I pray the Holy Spirit will free you from the tangles of accusation and condemnation and usher you into the fullness of life that Christ paid for you to experience! I pray that the Spirit of wisdom and revelation will fill you and bless you with valuable insights for living your life in joyful alignment with God's will for you.
About the author
Mike and Deenie Rose have been the Lead pastors of Juneau Christian Center in Juneau, Alaska for the past 35 years. Their ministry is dedicated to helping people find and live an overcoming life through Jesus Christ.