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  • SubGenre:Women
  • Language:English
  • Pages:240
  • eBook ISBN:9781098372149
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098372132

Unmute Yourself, Girlfriend

A Class Act - a Zoom through the Pandemic at Seventy

by A Memoir Anthology View author's profile page

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In 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic was in the early stages when a group of women who graduated from an all-girls public high school – The Philadelphia High School for Girls - came together via Zoom. As they rekindled old and cultivated new relationships, their conversations became more profound. Discussions regarding politics in and around the presidential election, the racial tensions in the country and fears that stemmed from the pandemic were shared. They were reminded that they had experienced tumultuous times before – the years leading up to and including another fateful time in history - 1968 – the year of their high school graduation
As the now seventy-year-olds laughed and cried with one another, they felt they were only scratching the surface of their individual experiences while on Zoom. It was then that forty-three of the women thought to write what this time in their lives meant to each of them. A world-wide pandemic, politics, racism and bigotry off the rails, these 'sisters' originally from Philadelphia who were now spread as far now as California, Washington State, Alaska, Montreal, Toronto, Spain and France wrote their stories. Their original hope was to leave something behind - to leave a little piece of themselves for their children and grandchildren and for those without - for the ages. Their humorous and often gut-wrenching stories, each of them as unique as the writers themselves, will keep you, the reader, engaged with their tales. It was only after they realized what they had collectively created that they decided to publish this book and to have the profits from sales go towards scholarships at their alma mater, The Philadelphia High School for Girls.
About the author

A Woodstock Icon, a Judge, a Columbine survivor, an Archaeologist, a Midwife/Pot Farmer/CEO, a Sex Therapist, Accountants, a Linguist, a Dancer, a Molecular Biophysicist, Artists, a Film Production masochist, a Ballistic/Engineer Scientist, numerous Teachers, Writers and Doctorates, many Wives and Mothers - all well imagined and fully realized women, these are our Authors:

Pauline Miriam Braverman * Paula Campbell * Judy Chu Pembroke * Susan Dukow * Kathryn Flynn Tessier * Lois Gatker * Dina Ghen * Psylvia Gurk Tessler * Susan Halpern Rosenfeld * Sandra Heginbothom Lewis * Karen Israel * Terry Jones Candis * Emily Kahn Freedman * Wendy Keene (aka Anaiis Salles) * Marsha Kramer Prosini * Jackie Krenetz Dering * Katherine LaMonaca Hanson * Gloria London * Arlene Margolis Slepchik * Patricia Anne McDonnell * Karen Meketon Soskin * Janice Miller Abrams * Jane Murray Gilmore * Fran Nachman * Linda Notto Stulz * Margit Novack * Sharon Ozlek Dunoff * Jane Pearl Barr * Eileen Perkins Lashin * Carlotta Picazio Cundari * Nona Safra * Lily Samuel Rothman * Lois Sharp Rothenberger * Rachel Stark Farrell * Ruth Stark * Medellin Stephens * Robin Thomas Poponne * Diana White Sims * Candace Whitman * Ellen Williams Lebelle * Judy Wong Greco * Fran Yeager Bembenek * Janet Yassen *

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My Story Different Gender This book to me back to my senior year 1968, same as the authors over 1,500 miles away and an African-American man. Their story is my story, about to come into the world with Vietnam War raging, civil rights and two beloved giants assassinated. Needless to say the divide between our generation and our parents no matter what race or gender. To see the paths different people to from ‘68’ to now has me connecting with those from my class to see who’s around and a little of their stories. I think our children (now) adults and our grandchildren want to know more about us reading this book would give a great view on what shaped our politics and outlooks on life. It will hopefully get them to treasure their fronds and classmates differently. I hope this works but I realize if my Mom had told me to do that through a book on her generation I would have probably scoffed, to my disadvantage. I’ve worked in Los Angeles with one of the authors and always thought there was a connection now I really know why. I could go on but I recommend this book to everyone male, female and no regard to age or race.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Read more
Delicious Dive “Unmute Yourself, Girlfriend” is a delicious dive—backward and forward—through the lives of 43 women from the Philadelphia High School for Girls, Class of 1968. I reflected on the historic sixties as these women reminisced about “becoming” grown-ups, mused about living through COVID-19, and rode through the tumultuous years of the 45th Presidency. The personal collection left me feeling envious of their sisterhood and a mostly remarkable education as I yearned to connect to my high school classmates. I could hear their honest, thoughtful, and candid voices while imagining them at 17, 45, and now 70+ years old. Thank you 212ers for giving me a personal glimpse of your fully lived lives. Read more
Unmute Yourself, Girlfriend Gripping accounts of life from the perspective of my classmates from the Class of 212 at Girl's High to the present. Hard to put down. Will have to reread many times to truly appreciate the depth of emotions my classmates experienced and how they progressed through life. Stories of how the challenges framed their development and careers. Amazing accomplishments! Brought to reality that each and every one of us sees the world in a truly unique way. Reinforced the importance of getting to know people to truly understand them. Congrats to the 34 classmates who shared these intimate perspectives. Read more
Unmute Yourself Girlfriend Many female baby boomers will find Unmute Yourself Girlfriend relatable. There’s a common thread in almost every story that awakens our personal high school experience through the good, bad and awesomeness of it all. Read more
Unmute Yourself, Girlfriend Like pearls on a necklace, "Unmute Yourself, Girlfriend" is an outstanding collection of reminiscences by a generation of strong women, who shared coming of age at the same unique high school, The Philadelphia High School for Girls. Forty-three members of the Class of '68 (#212) share their paths through high school and into a nation embroiled in the Vietnam War, Civil Rights, the shedding of social restraints, and the use of recreational drugs. They navigated the era to successful careers and fascinating lives. The book is a captivating retrospective imbued with the wisdom that is brought by experience. Two thumbs up! Read more
Unmute Yourself, Girlfriend As a member of the Girls High School of Philadelphia’s 212th class, reading this book brought back many memories of my own high school years. But this book is much more than that. It is a collection of memoirs of 43 women who came of age in the turbulent 60’s, and whose life journeys to age 70 were fascinating, successful, painful, triumphant. It is a great read, and I’m so proud of my classmates! Read more
Unmute Yourself, Girlfriend Forty-three members of the 1968 class of the Philadelphia High School for Girls got re-acquainted during the pandemic. First meeting on Zoom, someone proposed an idea to write our personal "stories", whether related to the pandemic, our high school experiences, or both. The result is a collection of inspirational, emotional and sometimes hearbreaking memoirs. It is a truly unique book that relects the times, both then and now. Read more
Unmute Yourself, Girlfriend The stories are amazing. It is an excellent read for women (and men,too!) of all generations. Very interesting and entertaining. Read more
Book Club Recommendation At the same time entertaining and thought-provoking Read more
What a gift! Times flies but stood still during the pandemic months. Reflecting on our high school days fifty-plus years ago, created an engaging opportunity to reconnect with some very special ladies. Reading this enlightening group of stories, each one very unique, was a wonderful, enriching, and inspiring trip down memory lane! Read more
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