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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Christian / Suspense
  • Language:English
  • Pages:222
  • eBook ISBN:9781682225257

Uncle Tom's Clinic

Or the Liberated Choice

by Jay Mikes

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Uncle Tom's Clinic, by Jay Mikes, is a dramatic depiction of the explosive issue of abortion told through a gripping tale that captures the reader’s heart and mind. Beginning with a powerful and insightful Preface, Uncle Tom's Clinic brings the political, moral and spiritual issues of abortion out in the open. As the story unfolds, it exposes the lies propping up a woman's "right to choose" and tells the reader the truth about abortion. The dialogue is genuine enough that the reader may not even perceive that the deceitful rhetoric of abortion rights is being systematically refuted. Uncle Tom’s Clinic also weaves throughout its pages, the hopes, desires, and frustrations of one infertile couple longing to adopt a child. The compelling narrative immediately draws the reader in and doesn’t let go. The book is truly hard to put down until it reaches an intensely emotional climax. And even then, the reader is drawn back in again until the final resolution. In short, Uncle Tom’s Clinic, like the novel written more than a century ago by Harriet Beecher Stowe, is a compelling narrative requiring the reader not only to reflect on, but also to act on, the most critical moral issue of its time.


Uncle Tom's Clinic is the story of two women, Faith Brandon and Kara Ellison. Faith, a victim of rape while on spring break in Florida, must make the agonizing life and death choice for the child she is carrying in her womb. As the daughter of Dr. Ryle Brandon, nationally known Christian author and President of Justin College, a small Christian college in the Midwest, Faith is too ashamed to tell anyone of her condition. Moreover, she is certain she will lose her boyfriend, Chris, unless she has an abortion. Facing an impossible situation, Faith turns to her best friend, Hope Stuart, daughter of Vivian Stuart, the pro-choice Democratic candidate for Congress. Hope, who has taken a summer job at her Uncle Tom's abortion clinic, offers Faith an easy way out of her dilemma. Meanwhile, Kara Ellison, and her husband, Robert, are struggling with infertility. Their fervent prayer is to adopt a child. Will God answer their prayers?

About the author

Jay Mikes is a retired public school teacher and basketball coach. In 1987, he published his first book, Basketball FundaMENTALs: A Complete Mental Training Guide. He is the father of three adopted biracial children. Uncle Tom's Clinic is his first novel.