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  • SubGenre:Sports
  • Language:English
  • Pages:200
  • eBook ISBN:9781543945461

Uncle Jack World Champion

Heart of the Champion Jack McAuliffe

by JE McAuliffe

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Escaping the devastation of Ireland's famine through the dockyards of Brooklyn these heroes emerge strengthened by the chains they overcame to become the most famous men in the world. The American dream from rags to riches dream comes to life this the greatest of times. Uncle Jack World Champion weaves these tales into life lessons for his nephew and all generations to come. Leading America through the 1880s and 1890s strode three giants, heroes of the people and the most famous men in the world. Jack McAuliffe, "The Napoleon of the Ring" undefeated Lightweight Champion of the World, Jack Dempsey "the Nonpareil" unequaled in the ring as Middleweight Champion of the World and John L Sullivan "Champion of Champions" and World Heavyweight Champion. They were "The Three Champion Jacks of the World." Theirs was a world that tested man in as brutal a business to have ever graced the earth. Flesh and blood battled for dominance, two men glaring through scowls of disdain in this world of bare-knuckle boxing. The winner exiting the ring head held high, the loser left hanging like a rag on a clothes line. The settings, scenes, and backdrop behind the famous fights include: Jack McAuliffe verses Harry Gilmore, Billy Myer and JEM Carney; Jack Dempsey verses George La Blanche; John L. Sullivan vs. Jake Kilrain and James J. Corbett; George Dixon vs. Jack Skelly and Jack Dempsey vs. Luis Firpo. The challenges and the stories behind their legend lay bare a formula for success in becoming Champions.
Leading America in her greatest of times strode three giants and the most famous men in the world. The eighth wonder of the world was just completed spanning Brooklyn and New York City. Buildings covered skeletons of steel soaring to scrape the sky, giant Iron horses glided over tracks of steel shrinking time from the East to the West coast. Inventors like Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison illuminated the darkness of night in Chicago during the World's Fair of 1893 spreading international culture and industry. America was on the move during her Post-Industrial revolution, gaining world acclaim in freedom unveiling Frances' gift of the grand Lady herself, the Statue of Liberty. The men, John L Sullivan "the Champion of Champions" and World Heavyweight Champion, Jack Dempsey "the Nonpareil" unequaled in the ring as Middleweight Champion of the World and Jack McAuliffe, "The Napoleon of the Ring" undefeated Lightweight Champion of the World. They were "The Three Champion Jacks of the World." Uncle Jack World Champion is the authorized biography laying bare the many life stories behind these great champions. Told from the heart of the world champion himself, Jack McAuliffe weaves their stories and the many challenges they faced detailing the tales of hardship and brutality facing a champion. Jack passes this experience onto his nephew as they lead the great post-American Industrial Revolution to a crescendo ending in a never before articulated understanding of the world of sport. These Champions became the emotional leaders of the country. Starting at the bottom on the docks of Brooklyn they worked banging rings on slats at the cooperage house until night called. Drained from the day of backbreaking work, they pushed themselves to train on those same docks to become boxing legends. Their fights were held over the water on the docks because it was illegal to fight on New York soil. Jack Dempsey, Jack McAuliffe and their friend Jack Skelly became the "Three New York Jacks" leading the City of New York and the country with their will and fighting spirit. In the most passionate of the country's rivalries these three New York Jacks stood in defiance of the threat from the fighters of Boston. Led by the Boston Strong Boy himself, John L. Sullivan built a premier training center boasting the finest challengers in the Middleweight and Lightweight classes. The World Featherweight Champion George Dixon also called Boston his training home. The 1880's and 1890's spawned many challenges between Boston's desire for more Championship Belts and New York's finest. Uncle Jack weaves the stories of these champions, and heroes of the people and their many challenges against the backdrop of the United States of America in her prime.
About the author
JE (John E.) McAuliffe is the great-grand-nephew of the World Champion fighter Jack McAuliffe, "The Napoleon of the Ring". As living relative, he is the historical collector and Curate of the McAuliffe Museum. Jack McAuliffe's scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, articles and photographs are housed within the McAuliffe Museum along with other McAuliffe mementos. "Uncle Jack World Champion" is the authorized biography based on the collections he has amassed. JE weaves Uncle Jack's story from the museum's archives and accounts which have been passed from generation to generation. The authorized biography is advice Uncle Jack McAuliffe shares with his nephew, JE's grandfather. These pearls of wisdom are lessons to live by for those who wish to become champion. JE McAuliffe is a Senior Project Manager having built International Data Centers for major telecommunications companies in their support of prominent banks. As Technical Product and Project Manager, JE wrote specifications for the implementation of many products and delivery methodologies. His guidance of multinational teams sparked the evolution of his unique management style and thinking. Mr. McAuliffe graduated with honors holding a Bachelor of Science in both majors of Economics and Chemistry. He is the inventor of the Video Story Book: books you read, stories you listen to, and videos you experience. These primary methods of thinking; Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic stimulate the brain offering a richer comprehension of words and their concepts to the reader of the story.

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