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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Agnosticism
  • Language:English
  • Pages:258
  • eBook ISBN:9781620953129

True Truths

The Shameful Deceit, Arrogance and Corruption of Religion

by Creighton Ainsworth

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Deceit. Hatred. Intolerance. Mind control. Threats of eternal damnation. Sexual and psychological abuse. War and death. 911. Religion, created and promulgated by man, is a major player in these and countless other atrocities and abuses of the human body, mind and spirit. Billions remain shackled by the fears and superstitions forced upon them by religious leaders, whose only claim to authority is the one they falsely claim God has given them. True Truths gives information and ideas to help all thinking people arrive at their own truths, based on fact and common sense, not on falsehoods, coercion and myths.

What is the real truth about religion? Does the Bible, the Koran, the Talmud or other religious literature written by man tell true truths? Does the priest, or the cleric, the rabbi or other religious leader have a direct connection with God, and therefore holds the answers to “the truth.” Or, ……. Could it be? The real answer is not a fairy tale or a myth. It's not what some people want the truth to be.  Instead, religion is a method of controlling the bodies, the minds, and the spirit of men. Read True Truths for the plain, simple, unadulterated truth - TRUE TRUTHS. Don’t remain shackled by the lies spewing forth throughout the world's religions. Learn the truth, and help make the world a better place by sharing these truths and incorporating them into your life each and every day.

About the author
Creighton Ainsworth is devoted to sharing what he calls "True Truths" with the world. Too often, the truth is twisted, bent, torn, shredded and obliterated. Ainsworth feels his job is to clear out the lies, the deceptions, the half-truths and the falsehoods, and clearly expose the wonderful truths that exist in our world. Only by clarifying and focusing on these truths can we have true peace, love, harmony and progress. Creighton Ainsworth is a writer who uses his intellect, common sense, understanding of people and never ending study of life to help bring the truth to the masses.