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  • SubGenre:Channeling
  • Language:English
  • Pages:358
  • eBook ISBN:9781667850801

Tristan's Letters from Heaven

A Mother's Story of Her Son's Life and Afterlife

by Barbara Bruni

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A mother's journey through the devastating loss of her son and the surprising reconnection with him as he communicated healing messages that gave her comfort. This heart-broken mother conducted extensive research to help her understand what had gone wrong in her son's life that created the experiences that led to his short-lived life. Her research and his messages shed light on what is actually happening in our world today such as the shockingly corrupt education, religious and criminal justice systems. These messages are not just for her as they are healing and informative for everyone. They describe what happens after we die; the beauty and love that surrounds us in Heaven and the battle that is currently being waged by the forces of light to tear down the old corrupt systems and bring about a new world--one based in love and compassion. These messages give comfort to those who have lost love ones--they are not gone; they are in a beautiful new home and you will be reunited again.
A devastating accident led to the end of Barbara Bruni's son Tristan's life--but not the end of their relationship. As Barbara reconnected with her spiritual gifts, she was able to channel messages from Tristan and other guides that gave her comfort, helped her heal, and infused her with hope and a determination to help bring about change in the systems that destroyed her son. This is not just the story of one family's tragedy; sadly, similar tragedies happen to thousands of families every year. Barbara conducted extensive research that reveals the true origins of our educational and criminal "justice" systems, and how they are shockingly corrupt and broken beyond repair. She uncovered, for example, the real reason formal schools were established beginning in the mid-1800s--and it wasn't because they were needed to improve education. Literacy rates in Boston were almost 100 percent at the end of the 1700s. Today, after about two centuries of compulsory government-led education, the US literacy rate has fallen to around 79 percent. Barbara explores the roots of our legal system and the "school to prison pipeline," and how prosecutors today wield the weapon of plea bargaining to clear their caseload and boost their careers. (This travesty has led to record incarceration of innocent people.) She also pulls back the curtain on what happens to juveniles when they are caught up in the system--and how "innocent until proven guilty" no longer seems to apply. The "letters from "Heaven" that Barbara received from Tristan shed additional light on what is happening in our world today. These messages are not just for Barbara; they are for everyone. They describe what actually happens after we die, the beauty and love that surrounds us in "Heaven," and the battle that is currently being waged by the forces of light to tear down the old corrupt systems and bring about a new world--one based in love, compassion, and kindness. It is Barbara and Tristan's hope that these messages will inspire readers to do their part in helping this effort. And if you've lost a loved one--especially if you've experienced the unspeakable pain of losing a child--they hope these messages will give you the comfort of knowing your loved one is not gone; they are in a beautiful new home, and you will be reunited again.
About the author
Barbara Bruni has worked in the health, fitness and healing field for thirty-five years. She owns and operates a Pilates and Myofascial Release Studio in Florida. She created and filmed a Pilates series for television for over ten years. The episodes can still be seen online. She also created a Pilates Instructor training school and named it Barbara Bruni's Pilates and Beyond with the idea that movement and healing go beyond the physical body--she just wasn't aware at the time how far the "beyond" was going to take her. Even as a child Barbara was empathic and intuitive. As she got older she shut down her senses as they could be too overwhelming to experience the intensity of other's emotions and energies. In her late teens she became very interested in spirituality and psychic phenomenon and soon met her first spiritual teacher. This allowed her to understand more of who she was and to appreciate how she experienced the world. Little did she know that spirit had been setting up the foundation for her that would allow for the ability to communicate with her son after his sudden death in April of 2018, just a few weeks prior to his nineteenth birthday. He soon was communicating to her from the beyond. Barbara always used her spiritual gifts for her personal relationship to spirit but never thought that she would be doing it for others. "The tremendous sudden grief cracked my heart open, and my mediumship ability grew. If it wasn't for my continued contact with my son, Tristan, I don't know how I would have handled the intense shock and grief."
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