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Book Image Not Available Book Image Not Available
Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Science Fiction / General
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Survival
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:295
  • eBook ISBN:9781623091606

Time of Isolation

by F. D. Brant

Book Image Not Available Book Image Not Available

Rumors continued to come from the North, followed by silence. Not the types of silence of a temporary kind, but of permanence that spoke of never hearing anything again. It was as if what always had been never was. How could that be? Theirs was a peaceful advanced society. Even though overall they were a small population, and quite spread out, their ability to communicate between their settlements eliminated any one settlement truly feeling isolated. But as the time flowed by them, one by one those lights and voices disappeared and were heard or seen no more. Each extinguished without an outward cry. Each without a sound leaving a darkness behind that was complete. There should have been something explaining why, anything would have been better than the deathly silence. It was time to act. It was time to find out what had happened to their brothers and sisters. What tragedy had befallen their people? How were they to go about it? * * * . . . Looking directly at him Shana asked. “Under supervisor Sampson may I inquire, why are you here?” Again looking directly at her, he was at a loss for words. The directive had been explicit, nothing could be said to any others just his boss. “I have something that must be given to you, but only to you." He stammered. “What’s so important that it couldn’t be communicated over the circuits?” Now what, Sampson thought, the mandate had been specific. No one but his supervisor could hear what he had to say. Then he remembered that he could specify a color to let her know. Now if only he could remember the color. Blue! Blue was that color. “Ma’am, ah color it blue.” Was all he said. “Under Supervisor Sampson may enter.” Sitting back down at her desk, she motioned him to a seat, and then pushed a few buttons. “Okay, I have activated the security. Again what is it that required you to use the code word?” “Ma’am we’ve lost communications with another city. It has gone silent without warning.


Hidden deep in the desolation an advanced race lies hidden from the primitives that inhabit most of the planet. Here they had remained unknown to the primitives for as long as their written history is known. This unnamed planet circling around a binary star system, unknown, deep somewhere in space, and while the advanced race is far ahead of the primitives, they do not have space flight. Suddenly cities begin to go dark, and nothing is heard from them again, and the distance between cities are too great to go and discover what has happened. Left with a mystery, the last scouting unit is advised that it will be up to them to solve this mystery. And along the way the learn so much more.

About the author

I was born in 1949, and started my life as a city kid. At the end of the school year as a first grader I heard my parents discussing a possible move from the neighborhood that I knew. Since I was not privy to such information, so when the teacher asked, "Does anybody know if they will be moving at the end of the schoolyear? If so, please raise your hands." A few did, but I did not, since I wasn't sure. She then asked, "Are there any here who think that they might move away?" With that question, the rest in the class, including me, raised our hands. Then came the trip that summer that changed my life. We were heading somewhere in the backcountry, and had transferred to a jeep. We drove up this side road that became a dirt road. We were heading directly at this mountain, which had no houses on it, and then the road changed direction and paralleled the mountain. As we followed the dirt road, not much of one really, everything to the west suddenly dropped away. The land fell away into a valley with nothing to block what I was seeing. And for the first time it seemed that I could see forever - I had never in my life seen such a view. Eventually we reached this isolated ranch that literally was in the middle of nowhere. Little did I know at the time, that this isolated ranch would become our home for the next 47 years. As boys, my 2 brothers and I couldn't ask for anything better - a world to test ourselves against, and unlimited acres to roam, learn, and explore. In the end I was the oldest of 5 children. I had 3 brothers and 1 sister, and we all loved living as we were. In the first 3 years we, as a family, were tested. 2 wildfires came close to claiming our home, and in that 3rd year a military fighter crashed on the property and almost killed us as the wing from the aircraft flew over the house and landed on a hill behind our home. We were surrounded by fire. The aircraft had crashed at night, and the whole area was lit with the orange flickering glow of the many fires. I was 9 at the time. I feel that this final incident had an influence on my life as later I worked towards becoming a firefighter. I worked with the local volunteer fire department, and then when old enough joined the United States Forest Service as a wildland firefighter. I found that I loved the work. Pay was poor, the hours long and hard, but so satisfying when you were part of a team that had been successful in suppressing a wild fire. Then I was drafted in 1969. I spent 25 months in Viet Nam, where I was in the signal corps. Not the best of times with so much of the country against the war, and personally seeing what was happening to both the civilians, and the military. It was a time for one to become depressed. There had been a couple of suicides while I was there, and many turned to drugs or alcohol as a way out. I left the US Army as an E5 Sargeant in 1972. I went back to the USFS and continued as a wildland firefighter until an injury caused me to leave in 1975. I then had a couple of businesses before returning to civil service. I went to work for the Post Office, eventually retiring as a Postmaster. It is probably one of the most difficult jobs out there, even though the public view is quite the opposite. Throughout my life I had a desire to write, but time after time circumstances continued to get in the way of such a career. When I was in my 30's I married into an AMF (Already Made Family), thus taking on a heavy responsibility right from the beginning. I am happy to say that the woman that I married and I are still quite in love with each other, and do not see this changing anytime, period. It took retiring to finally have time to write, and since retiring I have written 4 books, with the first to be released (probably as you read this, or, as of the end of 2011). The Woman in the Snow, is a story of a young city woman and her struggle to survive alone during a snowstorm in the wilderness. This story is Christian based.

My strongest genre is Sci-Fi, although this first offering is Contemporary Woman's Christian Fiction. This first book is a standalone story, while the second book, that I released on June 20, 2012, is the first in a series. The name of this book is, "Time of Isolation", book 1 in the Survival Series, with book 2 Desperate to Survive, released in November 2012 - all Science Fiction. A third, possibly available in 2014 that's within the Survival Universe is complete and presently being edited. There is a second series for which 3 are written and are presently being edited. All are in the Discovery series and are titled, The Ones Before, Discovery, and An Ancient Fire. I have plans on releasing all three this year, 2014. I have plenty of writing and editing still ahead of me. As it stands at this moment, I have plenty of ideas and stories to keep me busy for the next several years, and as any author will tell you, I hope that these stories will both entertain, and maybe even make you think a little.

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