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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Christian / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:200
  • eBook ISBN:9781618427267

The Woman in the Snow

by F D Brant

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Cathy was excited, it was Saturday, and a weak storm had just left signaling the end of winter. She was on the road to see her fiancé, who had been away at college. He was home for a short time and it had been at least a month since they had seen each other in person Yes, there had been the emails, texting, and phone conversations, but it just wasn't the same. The roads she was traveling were remote backcountry roads, just cleared of the snow from that weak storm, and in her mind, easy to travel. After all, she had made this trip a number of times - she could almost drive them in her sleep - so what could go wrong? She was an unbeliever, one who did not believe in God or Christ. Even though her family and her fiancé's family were all strong Christians, she just could not see how anyone with a brain could fall for these gods that had been created by first century man. It simply was a way to explain things away that they did not understand. But God had other plans for her. And these plans would interrupt her trip and make her face her unbelief. Suddenly she found that she was, lost and alone. Would she die? And would she face her lack of faith as she fought for her very survival? After all she was a city kid, and loved that life. But now she was lost in a wilderness with a snowstorm raging, with no experience at all, and only God to turn to. In the end, would that be enough?


The Woman in the Snow is a survival story about a single woman who knows nothing about surviving in the wilderness, let alone during a heavy snowstorm. The story is Christian based, and is aimed at Christian women as the preferred audience. Although any can read and enjoy as Cathy struggles with both her lack of faith, and her attempt at survival.

The story came fully to mind from listening to a piece of music. When I heard it I could see the whole story, from beginning to end, in that moment. And when I write there is usually minor changes in direction within the story - things that once it was being written wouldn't have worked as first conceived - overall it is as I imagined.

About the author

To find time to write required retirement. Since retiring I have written 7 books, with this one the first to be published. While this release is Contemporary Women's Christian fiction, my normal genre is Sci-fi. I've always had a passion to write, but little time in which to actually work the craft. I have published articles in a small local newpaper, which no longer exists, and presently have both a blog (/windmillsmetaphor4writing.wordpress.com), and a Facebook page (F. D. Brant). I enjoy storytelling, reading, and computers are my hobby. I grew up on a small ranch in Southern California, and presently make my home in the Northwest. I am a country boy and proud of that fact.