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  • SubGenre:Buddhist
  • Language:English
  • Pages:64
  • eBook ISBN:9781623096274

Tibet: Self-Help Guide Into Cosmology of a Tanka

by Ananta Govinda

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This book is a tasteful blend of travel photography and a study on the cosmology of a Tibetan tanka. While doing a research on an ancient board game played in Tibetan monasteries, author travels to remote places in Himalayan mountains to meet those who still carry traces of that knowledge. Carefully made diagrams and texts accompanying them, makes this book an exiting adventure into various planes of the universe. A great introduction to a board game that is designed around space travels based on the maps of the ancient cultures.
" Several years ago while working on a concept for a mobile app I got introduced to the Vedic cosmology. The app we were designing was to become a replica of ancient Tibetian board game: space travel device where the player could navigate through different planetary systems of the universe and generate karma points through interacting with it’s residents. It was so exiting to find out that ancient cultures knew so much about space travels and saw the Universe as densely populated. Looking for original game and people who would teach me how to play it, I ventured on a voyage to TIbet. My intention was to seek any sources of information on the game. The original game was said to be more than 3 000 years old and was designed according to the oldest astronomical scriptures in the world Jiotish. I decided to go into the monasteries of Tibet and seek for what was preserved of that knowledge. Travelling through the foothills of Himalyan mountains we found an ancient monastery. Our research indicated that there was a Tanka there that showcased the perfect mapping for the ancient scriptures. The driver was hesitant to take the car on a windy road and after spending the day hiking up the trail on short-legged mules, we finally reached the destination. Even though we were arriving unannounced we were greeted by a group of monks. “Please come and stay with us, - we were advised by a senior monk, - The teacher send for you.” And the chain of happy events just continued to unfold revealing us more and more about incredible the world around us could be.... Tanka consisted of a round Wheel of Samsara in the gripping hands of Goddess of Death Mara. To the top right you could see the gateways into the world of matter, from which the soul would enter into the world of birth and death, to the left there always remained an open exit, available to those desiring liberation. Traveler would enter the rotating Wheel and found himself on one of the 108 planets within the cosmos of matter. He would learn something about the place he entered and meet a local resident, that will pose a philosophical question. Based on the answer given, the traveler would acquire karma points and will be sent to the next destination in the universe. After recycling for so many lifetimes and gathering enough wisdom accountable in karma points, the soul would then become eligible for the liberation from the hands of Goddess Mara and would exit the Wheel of Samsara and attain liberation.
About the author
Ananta Govinda das (from sanskrit "Servant of the Unlimited One") is an author, photographer, musician and speaker. Being a practitioner of Vedic science of Bhakti for over 15 years, his presentations always blend tasteful artistic expression and fun reading.