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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Coming of Age
  • Language:English
  • Pages:128
  • eBook ISBN:9798350947373
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350947366


by Stephen B Martin

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You are Thumper, a lonely, introverted, only child in Worcester Massachusetts during the 1950's and 60's. Your mother develops a mysterious paralytic disease, and your father never wanted you. Worcester, a once-vital manufacturing city, is peopled by such marginalized, colorful characters as the Last Gypsy, the Last Ragman, the Last Sidewalk Preacher, and an ex-boxer turned short-order cook at the Blue Belle Diner, your daycare center.
At the age of four, you witness your mother's collapse as the washing machine overflows and sends clumps of soapsuds scudding past her across the kitchen floor. When your father goes to work, he leaves you next door at the Blue Belle Diner, under the watchful eye of Charlie, an ex-boxer turned short-order cook. The Diner becomes your day-care center as your mother waits for remission. Deprived of a mother's physical affection, you become increasingly aware that your father resents you. Spending more and more time on the streets of Worcester, you befriend such marginalized and colorful characters as Worcester's Last Gypsy, Last Ragman, and Last Sidewalk Preacher.
About the author
Life-long singer-songwriter, journalist, and socio-political activist Stephen B Martin lives with his wife and his parrot on Nantasket Beach, a peninsula south of Boston. He is currently at work on his next collection, titled Thumper Grows Up.

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Life in 1950's Worcester I have known Stephen B. Martin for the past 15 years and Stephen frequently talks about his life growing up in Worcester, moving from house to house in her early years, forming the Congress Alley community from which the group Orpheus emerged and then making a decision to leave for the West Coast in the 1970's. Stephen's book Thumper gives the reader a riveting description of his early life, the tragedy of his mother's chronic illness, his father's work as a delivery driver, a job taken out of necessity to pay the bills and the ins and outs of living in downtown Worcester. One of the best chapters of this book is Stephen's description of surviving a tornado which hit the Worcester area during this time. Stephen uses the slightly unusual device of telling this story in second person but it has the effect of drawing you right into what's going on from the very first page. Well done, possibly destined to become a major motion picture, Congrats Stephen on a significant accomplishment! Read more