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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:LGBTQ+ / Gay
  • Language:English
  • Series title:ThugPassion - ThugLove
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:253
  • eBook ISBN:9780983247623

D.Lowe's ThugPassion - ThugLove

Part 1

by D.Lowe

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DNAeBooks.com - Presents "D.Lowe's Thug Passion - Thug Love" (Part 1) by D.Lowe The New eBook "D.Lowe's THUG PASSION - THUG LOVE" is the story of Timmy, a somewhat sexually confused and very curious young man, who by chance meet three good friends on a hot summer day. Exciting, erotic, rich with even psychological dramatization of love encounters ranging from the passionate tender love between two people to the animalistic lustful changes in behavior that drives one to torrid sexual encounters for instant gratification. Vivid and intriguing accounts of interesting characters as they go through their daily lives and discovers hidden things within themselves.


"D.Lowe's Thug Passion - Thug Love" (Part 1) by- D.Lowe THUG PASSION - THUG LOVE, is the story of Timmy, a somewhat sexually confused and very curious young man, who by chance meet three good friends on a hot summer day. That meeting would result in a considerable change in his life forever. One of those friends, Tyree, the most dynamic of the trio, falls head over heels in love with him; this leads to eventual sexual advances which at first were spurned by Timmy, but later reciprocated. Timmy later found himself battling those deep lustful thoughts, which plagued his mind for years, about his real true feelings for Tyree. Timmy, had to admit to himself, but couldn't fully explain why things were the way they were; but finally came to grips with the realization of his relationship with Tyree, and spent years living a secret life of love and passion, with him; even though he had a beautiful wife and several lovely children. He prodded and quickly shifted his position, evading my hand as I try to grab his balls " Timmy: " motha fucka! ..... mm-mm-mmmphf .... Oh Fuck! - AAIGHT! .... aiight .... mmmph, mmph, I surrender " Tyree: "see...I tole you" He gloated and dug into my sides once more. Timmy: "fuck you Tyree...cccctt, ooh, ..... SHIT" Tyree: " you can't be surrenderin' 'n cussin' like dat in front o' grown folk, you surrender or what? " Timmy: " yes, yes,...yes, I surrender .... lemmi go" Tyree: " you sure? " Timmy: "yes, you, tha boss, you tha master, jus move yo' hand, please" Tyree: "well you best behave yo'self now" Without warning, he straddled me; kneeling on the sofa and pinning me between the back of the seat and his stomach. Tyree: "I want you boi...." Timmy: "you got me" Tyree: "I ain't talkin' like dat .... am talkin' 'bout some o' dat" Timmy: "some o' what ....... I ain't GOTS nothin' to give you" Tyree: "am serious, 'specially from I seen how you tore dat nigga Marlon up, .movin' dat booty like dat" Pretending to be uninterested in his quest, I suddenly changed the subject, asking as I toyed with his belly button; Timmy: "Tyree, you say you love me...why?" Tyree: "dang son, you gon ask dat now!" Timmy: "tell me...a need to hear" He hastily got off me, tilted my chin up, knelt before me and looked deep in my eyes before he bowed his head, shook it slowly from side to side, sighed heavily then looked back at me. Tyree: "Timmy, I ain't got no more words to explain it to you, I ain't got no more ways I, I, don't know what to tell you except that I love you, am torn apart e'rry day jus thinkin' 'bout you...datz what I do all day every day -jus think about you".ain't nothin' mo' dat I know dat I could say, you jus gotta let time prove me right or wrong...but I do love you...more than you eva know" Timmy: "what is it about me dat you love?" Tyree: "dang son, datz 'errythang...shiit; from yo' temper, how yo' chest move up 'n down when you mad, da way you walk, them very hairy, slightly bow legs, yo tight little muscular butt, all dat pretty black hair on yo' butt, stomach, yo' pubes, under yo' arms, them hairy ballz, dat nice l'il 'stache, thick eyebrows 'n lips, yo' bright dark brown eyes, rich coco 'n cream complexion, da way you talk. dang son, Ioknow. jus da way you squeeze me back when I hold you. I know son, e'rrythang.jus e'rrythang, fo' real - I jus saw you 'n wuz like wow! .this kid is bangin'.'n on top o' dat you fresh - 'n intelligent too...its too good. Son you what I been lookin' fo' all this time"

About the author

African - American Male, Sexy Young Thug on the Down Low...

A reticent New Yorker residing in the Borough of Manhattan's colorful East Harlem. A person completely captivated by the beauty of the human body and its functions,....and ponders at the heartache - and sometimes destruction of which that most beautifully appearing of human being is capable. Enamored with love and fierce passion.