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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Fantasy / Paranormal
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Tales of Whales and Dolphins
  • Series Number:3
  • Pages:175
  • eBook ISBN:9780966262261

Through the Eye of the Whales

by Maureen L Belle

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Julia, a journalist on a tropical vacation, is shocked and surprised when a female humpback whale starts communicating with her, telepathically. As the friendship and partnership grows, Julia is faced with a life changing decision: ignore or follow the call of the Cetacean Nation and the pathway to revealing our true history. She has been chosen to be part of a mission, a quest to release the correct account of human origins. The quest takes her to the last remnants of Atlantis, buried under the aqua seas and an amazing discovery. A timely and powerful story about our human birthright, as told by a humpback whale and spotted dolphin. The Cetacean Nation has been humanity's record keepers for millennia.
Julia, a journalist on a tropical vacation is surprised when a female humpback whale starts communicating with her. Faced with a life changing decision: ignore the call of the Cetacean Nation, or take on the mission and reveal humanity’s true history. A timely and powerful tale about humankind's true heritage as told by the humpback whales in this thrilling adventure story. The Cetacean Nations have been humanity’s record keepers for millennia. As Julia dives deeper into our history that has been subverted by the Nebu, she discovers what we have been taught as the true history of humankind, pales in comparison to the wondrous and powerful truth. During the fall of Atlantis, our ancestors hid data storage devices throughout planet Earth. These devices hold an amazing heritage, long suppressed by the subversive Nebu priests and their minions since the final fall of a once great continent. Journey with Julia and her cetacean friends on this mythic journey.
About the author
Maureen has been working with whales and dolphins worldwide for 25 years. She is a storyteller who has taken on the mission to share the stories of the Cetacean Nation from their perspective. Maureen discovered, in her work with whales and dolphins worldwide, that cetaceans play an important role in the Web of Life, and human evolution. Interspecies communication is an ability we all innately hold. Maureen conducts classes and trainings in interspecies communication, green and sustainable building design and gaiamancy™ creating harmonious environments. Maureen leads tours to the Bahamas, Hawaii and San Juan Islands where you can swim with dolphins, commune with humpbacks and orca in the wild and re-learn to communicate with these sentient beings.