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The Case for Tribulation Saints

And the Post-Tribulation Rapture of the Church

by Shawn M. Teats

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This book is designed to open up the discussion of end time prophecy. Many feel that study of the end time is moot since they believe the church will be raptured, yet nearly one-third of the Bible is prophecy. It seems God wanted us to know something and there are reasons for it. A look at scripture tells us that the saints will endure tribulation and that the rapture of the church does not occur prior to tribulation. This book goes through the prophecies of the Bible to show that we as the body of Christ must prepare for tribulation. It is evident as we see the seeds of tribulation around us when brothers and sisters are giving their lives for faith in Jesus Christ. The world is developing and anti-Christian mindset and we must be prepared. The only way to do that is to know the truth. In knowing the truth, we can not only understand what is to come, but also teach others. This book is just the tip of the iceberg but I hope it will wet the appetite for further study and understanding of these events.


The rapture of the church is perhaps the most awaited hour of Christianity and perhaps one of the most disputed events. The irony is that scripture never mentions the word rapture but the event is accounted for in other language. It is referred to as the day of the Lord, the catching away, the resurrection, the second coming, and the gathering of the elect. It is the time when the Lord Jesus Christ will return to redeem His church out of this world. So, what is the mystery? What is the dispute?

Like many things in scripture, the rapture is clouded in mystery. In the modern world, the events surrounding the rapture, to include the rapture itself, makes for great cinema and story. A picture of cataclysmic destruction and agony strike fear and anxiety in the heart of the hearer. Couple that with confusion to its timing and sequence in events leads to a misunderstanding of the times that Jesus said we are supposed to know. People like the shroud of mystery and inconclusive understanding. It tickles the ears of those who seek to have a divine revelation of these events and perpetuates the interests of the seemingly unknown.

End time prophecy existed from the beginning and as we read throughout the Old Testament we find many scriptures that pertain to those times. Nearly one-third of the Bible discusses prophecy so its importance is significant. It seems that the Lord wanted us to know something. This is what He told His disciples. Ye have heard how I said unto you, I go away, and come again unto you. If ye loved me, ye would rejoice, because I said, I go unto the Father: for my Father is greater than I. And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe. (John 14:28-30) Jesus spoke of His ascension to Heaven and His return from Heaven, the rapture. He said that He tells us things before they happen so when they happen, we might believe. His disciples worried about His going away but He reassured them of His return and as we look at what Jesus said throughout His ministry, He was not shy about discussing His return.

After studying the Word and prophecy for many years, I know this truth. There is no doubt as we see the world shaping up today that the events discussed throughout scripture are happening. The news headlines are saying the same thing that scripture foretold and it builds my faith. It is so clear that those who profess Christianity around the world see that the prophecies are coming to pass. There seems to be a stirring among believers that Jesus Christ is getting ready to return. There is no doubt in their minds of this truth. The problem is the confusion surrounding end time prophecies and there doesn’t have to be. While writing this book I was very careful to use scripture and nothing but scripture. Anything outside of scripture is opinion. I don’t want opinion. I want to know what God has to say about these topics.

The popular view of end time events sees it one way and in their view it as absolute. I wrote this book on tribulation and rapture so we can see what the Bible says. I hope to show you truth through scripture. You must evaluate that for yourself through study and prayer. This work has much scripture in it because people tend not to look up references. I encourage you, have your Bible with this book and look it up for yourself. We can know certain things by looking at the scriptures and we can understand with confidence how things will happen, to a certain degree. That’s why God gave it to us, so we can know the signs of the time.

About the author

Shawn Teats is Pastor of Eternal Life Fellowship in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. This is a small town grassroots work with a regular attendance of 15 saints and growing. God’s movement is in this small congregation as He is pouring out His gifts. Shawn has studied Christian Ministry at Hope International University’s Apostolic School of Theology. Prior to starting Eternal Life Fellowship, Shawn has served in various capacities of ministry in churches domestically and in Europe. He has studied prophecy for over twenty years and has been leading prophecy Bible studies for over five years. Shawn is a dedicated husband and father. He and his wife of over 23 years have raised three children. Along with pastoring, during his tenure in the Air Force, Shawn had served throughout the United States and Europe. He came to know the Lord through his wife while in the service. Their entire married life has been devoted to Jesus Christ and the spreading of the Gospel. They have endured hardship and teach others how to endure hardship. Shawn's goal is for truth to prevail and as he has had to overcome obstacles to truth, he hopes to help others see the purity of the Bible as God's Holy Word. Shawn believes the Bible to be infallible and all doctrine must uphold to scriptural truth.

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