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  • SubGenre:Adult & Continuing Education
  • Language:English
  • Pages:500
  • eBook ISBN:9798350919004

The Zetetic Method

Proving the Earth Flat

by Lloyd Hunt

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Are we being lied to on a grand scale? Is water actually wrapped around a whirling ball? How can a horizon line curve downward at sea level yet rise to eye level when you ascend? These are only a few questions that we'll have a look at. Let's not go off assumptions, speculation and hearsay. Let's stick to physical evidence only.
The term "Zetetic" means to search, proceed by inquiry. to trace out, or to examine. For truth seeking this is better then the word "theoretic," which means imaginary, speculative, supposing but not proving. As Zetetic truth seekers, we want to go off physical evidence and facts, not emotions or an appeal to authority. Unproven ideas, that we have been taught since infancy, have to be gotten rid of before we can entertain the new. The evidence of science should be sound and established on facts not theories. How are we to have a system of knowledge when our science is theorical? A foundation of truth is key. I want to switch people's brains to self-thinking mode and create a greater interest in Zetetic research with no government filters telling them what to believe; to get individuals to think for themselves, and to find out which is true and which is false using physical based evidence. And by doing so, I hope that honest truth seekers will choose that 'belief', which will be shown to be supported by facts, that the earth that we live on is flat, stationary and enclosed.
About the author
I was born in Virginia but spend most of my youth in Folkston Georgia. I love painting, collecting art and researching. I was once a whirling ball atheist until I started paying attention to reality instead of listening to those that were trying to hide it. I hope to wake up as many as I can because that's the only way real change is ever going to happen.