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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Action & Adventure
  • Language:English
  • Pages:130
  • eBook ISBN:9781667852164
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667852157

The Women, the Camels and the Dholes

by Xuemo

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This is the great fable of human destiny, two poor, interdependent women trapped by poverty, trapped by fate, trapped by the environment, but want to realize their dreams and dignity, they stepped into the unknown desert, encountered a very ferocious animal - jackals, so a thrilling confrontation and fight between man and beast, many of which symbolize the many journeys of mankind in the pursuit of freedom.
Ying and Lan Lan were not expecting to meet dholes so soon after they got to the desert. Dholes, a kind of wild dog, were the creatures the herders most feared. They were especially adept at disemboweling cattle and would even do the same sometimes on camels. That was quite a feat, because the dhole had to jump high enough to sink its teeth into the camels' gut. If it didn' t succeed, the camel would raise one back leg and like Ronaldo taking a penalty kick, hurl the dhole high into the air. Don't go worrying yourself about dholes as they have a native skill at springing vertically into the air, just like you're good at nodding off when you read a novel. These intelligent dholes are quicker off the mark than any footballer. Of course if the camel is nimble enough, it can try out its kicks on dholes who are old or sick. One thing is certain: The dhole is no footballer itself. If you want to know why the dholes are so feared, you can go and interview an animal they've disembowelled. But you won't find any. There are no disembowelled animals left alive to tell the tale. They've all been long since consigned to the underworld. So to the underworld you must go, if you want that interview. But, as our respected forebears said, animals never stay there longer than 49 days. Afterwards, dumb animals that they are, they'll find a new home. Even if they are eager to be interviewed by you, their bodies are not under their control. Animals lack mindfulness. Their karma will allocate them some appropriate, new destination, despite themselves. Dholes are small animals, no bigger than raccoons. Of course, this is a meaningless comparison for most people nowadays, who won't have seen a raccoon. So let's say that dholes are the size of a small fox. You'll know, of course, that foxes are smaller than elephants, but just how much smaller you'd probably be hard put to say. So here's my last shot: If your wife is a slender woman, a dhole is no bigger than her calf muscles. Get it?
About the author
Xuemo, the pen-name of Chen Kaihong, was born in Liangzhou, Gansu province. As one of China's Top-ranking authors, he is the vice chairman of Gansu Writers Association, Dean of Guangzhou research institute for Shangpa culture, and humility tutor of Tumour Research Institutes of FUDAN University, and Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine. He has won the titles of "excellent expert in Gansu Province", "leading talent in Gansu Province", "artist with both virtue and art in Gansu Province", "top innovative talent in Gansu Province" and "Top 10 Figures for China's Brand Culture in 2015". He is a landmark writer recorded in the history of modern literature in Western China. His representative works include novels Dessert Rites, Desert Hunters, Curses of Xixia Dynasty, The Holy Monk and the Spirit Woman, Wild Fox Ridge , Songs of Liangzhou , The Sound of Broadbeans Late at Night , and the epic Suosalang.