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Book details
  • SubGenre:Family / Parents
  • Age Range (years):13 and up
  • Language:English
  • Pages:9
  • eBook ISBN:9798350937930

The Transition Into Adulthood "Viewed by Parents"

by Dwayne Surratt

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The Transition Into Adulthood Derived, from parenting my young adults and trying to understand there language in-terms how they deal with the changing of this World. Learning how to communicate.
The Transition Into Adulthood A short Chap book that's gives viewers a look into my experience with my young adults children. There were many values that were gained in trying to understand young adults that's transitioning into the adult world. I'm hoping that by sharing my experience through my e-book "The Transition Into Adulthood" could shed some light on a few topics that parents may not understand. My overall message is for parents to stay the course in there children's transition, because it's not just a transition for the children, parents are transitioning as well.
About the author
ABOUT ME My name is Dwayne Surratt, and I love reading and writing poetry. I was born in Philadelphia Pa, and most of my youth years were spent in West Philadelphia where I grew up, in particular the Mantua section. I, now reside in the Northeast section of Philadelphia. This journey of writing poetry began in 1999, and hasn't stopped since then. I've always had a thing for words, and writing just expanded my vocabulary alone with being very creative with my word play. I would began writing piece after piece, and may allow other people to view my writing upon giving feedback as well. My confidents grew, matching the tone of my charisma, and I would start reciting my pieces at any Poetry Open Mic nights around the city. A couple noticeable places that I performed at, Warm Daddy's, American Legion Post 153, and the Philadelphia Convention Center Art Gallery show, to name a few. When I began writing poetry 21 years ago, I would primary focus on Love, romance, relationships and what's happening in the community. Nowadays, I primarily focus my writing on Inspirational pieces, devotional uplifting pieces that has full potential to uplift someone's spiritual wellbeing. I tend to focus on our Young Adults, simply trying to strengthen parent's outlook, and offering words of influence to remain vigilant in their child's life. Encouraging all parents to stay on the course of Loving, and supporting our Young Adults. I have two amazingly beautiful daughters, my Angels. I've always pride myself, and held myself accountable for never taking a day off, very consistent on all occasions whatever the circumstances, being available, and trying to be the best Father for them. Part of my reason for living, existing, is making sure their lives and their transitions into different maturation phases of their lives be made as smooth as possible. I've been blessed to have held several main event publications, which I was featured in. Felton St. Fellowship Baptist Church, Strivers Café & Culture, Mt.Airy Church Of God in Christ, James Baptist Memorial Church, Lehigh Pavilion, Outreach Ministry, and New Life Ministries.