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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Personal Growth / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:407
  • eBook ISBN:9780646566641

The ToolBox 4 Life

Understanding, Techniques & Answers to Life's Challenges

by Giovanni Lordi

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Giovanni's first book has been 45 years in the making and drawn from a life of extraordinary experiences, learnings and many 'ups and downs'. It is a resource of advice and knowledge, much of it from personal techniques that helped him get through the tough times in his own life. The most important thing about the book is that it shows you How to Do It'. The answers are drawn from his experiences a hypnotherapist, counsellor, car mechanic and from his travels around the world with his business partner and hypnotist to the stars Rick Collingwood. It covers everything from the workings of the mind, life stages, men & women, awareness, persuasion techniques, common afflictions, hypnosis, communication and finding your true self. It is a book you will read, become truly inspired and then come back to when you need answers at certain stages throughout your life.
This E Book contains many new progressive ideas and philosophies, but has been written in an 'easy to understand' format. The 'ToolBox 4 Life' is just that; a ToolBox full of ideas, answers, advice, knowledge and stories that you can use wherever and whenever you want. If you come to a junction in your life simply go to the table of contents and find the chapter that will give you the answers you require to move forward. This book is divided into 10 main sections. Each section contains information as well as techniques and answers. 1. About How the Mind Works - Conscious vs. subconscious, memory, states of mind etc. 2. Stages in Life - Unborn, childhood, teenagers, adulthood and the evolution of generations 3. Men & Women - Differences, male traits, female traits, advice, relationships, communication. 4. Understanding & Awareness - Understanding, power of now, karma, universal laws, triggers, destructive habits. 5. Perception - How you view the world, attitude, ego, motivation, religion, fear, intuition. 6. Communication - Words, language patterns, commands, self talk, affirmations. 7. Persuasion & Manipulation - Types, government, audio, Hitler scenario, speeches, TV, fighting manipulation. 8. Tips & Techniques - Development, letting go, forgiveness, eliminating stress, breathing, light & mirror techniques. 9. Addictions - Smoking, weight loss, beating addictions 10. Self Help - Hypnosis, meditation, mesmerism, martial arts
About the author
Giovanni is an accomplished hypnotherapist, counsellor and mesmerist. He is the co-owner of Resonanz Recordings, Australia's most well known self help CD distributor, and the author of 14 Mind Journeys self hypnosis recordings. Giovanni has helped many people; Rugby League stars, world champion fighters and lots of everyday people, all to get the most out of life. He has studied EFT, kinesiology, reiki, NLP, hypnosis, mesmerism and Kung Fu. It is these disciplines that have helped broaden his mindset and help share the information and techniques contained in his book. His main purpose in life and work is to push the limits of what the human mind is capable of through hypnosis and the power of thought.