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Book details
  • Genre:HUMOR
  • SubGenre:Form / Parodies
  • Language:English
  • Series title:The Supermarket Guy
  • Series Number:4
  • Pages:200
  • eBook ISBN:9781483585697

The Supermarket Guy IV

Fury of the Climate Changer

by Daren Doucet

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"The Supermarket Guy IV" takes off from peaceful times in a vibrant and competing supermarket era, when Harold Wannapus begins to see his franchise suffer from primarily the inability to get fresh produce from his suppliers that are facing the fury of a changing climate. This humorous take on the supermarket wars causes the CEO Harold to go on burn out, continually replanting a garden that never seems to grow in the dreaded heat, and to see his neighbors tear apart his house due to it being the hottest point on the planet. Caused by the weather or by his defective home heating system? Read the humorous pages to find out!

The Supermarket Guy IV: Fury of the Climate Changer, has Harold Wannapus unknowingly in a struggle to save the world’s food supply, yet again from a disastrous attempt to eradicate every known food source in exchange for the beautiful Quintal feathered legume. It all starts off as the hero is designated unfit for work, over stressed on burn out, and mentally not stable to head the main chair at his supermarket headquarters by his 1 on 5 star internet rated doctor. With sales plummeting, there is not much he can do than to leave it to his elite team of boardroom members, many who are trying to abandon the ship themselves. He therefore avoids the office, starts planting a beautiful garden, until things get way out of hand. A groundhog starts to toy with him, creating a multiplex of tunnels under his garden. Then his house becomes the hottest point on the planet, and his garden shrivels up many times over, after replanting it and replanting it again… His puzzled yet upbeat coworkers, Pete, Steve, and Klide come over for a big barbeque and to have a few brewskies, bologna sizzling on top of the companies black Cadillac paint in the searing sun. The heat fails to escape them, as they all realize there is much more than just climate change at work here. Several of their stores burn up into the night sky, but their main competitor’s stores are cool and full of happy shoppers. His supermarket franchises are even iced up in several locations, while across the road from them the Fantasmo markets are under normal temperature. Can Harold’s ‘old Mail Order graduate’ of a rocket science degree prison buddy help him to turn the tide? Will blunt force repair the heavy mistrust between the two, or will old scams that never truly turned reality come back to haunt them forever? Will he find sanity and come back to the reality he may or may not ever have had in the first place? Can an unblemished goat save a life like in the good old prehistoric cave man days? Read “The Supermarket Guy IV" to find out!
About the author
Daren Doucet grown up in a quiet village in Jacquet River, New Brunswick, Canada where there was always a little bit of humor to spread around. Currently working in power generation, he enjoys painting, drawing, reading, and all kinds of sports. This will be his fourth book in the line of "The Supermarket Guy" series, and has plans for others outside of the series as well. The books can be found on Goodreads, and currently available via most bookstores worldwide.