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  • SubGenre:Hermetism & Rosicrucianism
  • Language:English
  • Pages:224
  • eBook ISBN:9781098303310
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098303303

The Silence Beyond the Silence

by Mark Haberstroh

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The Silence Beyond the Silence contains the literary results of long-time consciousness research through meditative experience. The short stories and poems are crafted, for the most part, out of direct experience. The imaginative element is sourced in what is real, which, like a seed, sprouts and grows into a living plant. And, so grows or unfolds the plot, characters, and cadence of the story or poem out of that core experience. The intent is to draw the reader into thoughts and feelings that feel deeper, stronger, and less separate … something closer to a merging or union with movement and meaning … a stronger and more vital connection to nature, to all of life, to our life. The Silence Beyond the Silence is a place, a place where we have walked through a door, closed it behind us, and turned around to observe what lies before us. Most of us in special moments can achieve silence inside ourselves. At this moment another door appears before us, which may be opened if we only have the key. This key is a knowing that we must remain awake after we turn off our senses. When we no longer see, hear, or touch, but remain completely awake and alert, new perceptions can and do approach us from interior worlds. Here time stops and adventure begins, if one is willing to explore the new frontier, for that is what it is … the new frontier.

The Silence Beyond the Silence tells tales of Imagination. One story concerns an Egyptian Pharaoh who awakens after being entombed to find himself in a completely new mode of consciousness. Another chronicles a young woman's near-death experience as she fiercely battles for survival against the powers of darkness. Yet another story imagines a possible past life of Edgar Cayce in Persia. There is also a tale about the redemption of a black magician. These stories and many more are intermixed with poems of Love and Beauty. Approached with an open and receptive mind, the content may bring all manner of adventure. Someone passes by a rose and quickly remarks, "Oh, how lovely," while another stands and remains awestruck at the rose's perfection and is moved to the soul's depths. So much depends upon the beholder. What you pull from this small book of stories and poems is entirely up to you. If you are drawn to tales that challenge the mind, that challenge belief systems and deepen the feelings, then take the next step and read this book. It will surprise you.
About the author
Mark Haberstroh lives and works in Marin County, California.