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  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:185
  • eBook ISBN:9781624886423

The Second Coming Has Come

an auto-biography of the Glorified Son of Man

by Richard McNabb III

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Has the Second Coming already happened? If you know your Biblical prophecies you will know that it has already occurred. The reincarnation of the Messiah is here and alive in the United States. This book tells his story of how he was discovered, his life and the incredible events of him going through bodily glorification. "When you see Israel become a state a generation will not pass before the coming of the Lord." Israel became a state in May of 1948 and a generation is only 34 years, the Messiah's return was his birth in 1963 right down the middle of the 34 year to happen prophecy. He walks among us and tells the true story of his life adopted into one of the wealthiest families in Tennessee, a direct descendant of King David and the events of his life that have made him who he is. This book is a must read for all walks of like, for all faiths weather your Christian or Jewish it's time to celebrate.
The Second Coming has already occurred. Most Christians are waiting for Jesus to coming walking in on a cloud, no-one has ever arrived on earth like that and never will. The birth of the Messiah his reincarnating is how he came to earth, that's how we get here by being born. This book tell the true story of how this man grew up, how he was discovered through being hypnotized by The Seventh Day Adventist's while living in Hawaii and it being revealed to him, his incredible life and events of being bodily Glorified. A must read if your Christian or Jewish. The Second Coming Has Come.
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