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  • SubGenre:Motivational
  • Language:English
  • Pages:91
  • eBook ISBN:9781609844660

The Rapport Superstar

Blueprint for Networking Success

by John H. Lee

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The Rapport Superstar is a truly concise "Know-How" guide and communication tool written in easy to understand English. As a result of following the steps detailed in The Rapport Superstar, you'll be able to increase the size and strength of your professional network at will. That means that when those times come that you need an important resource like; a business referral, a service, new employment, etc., you'll be more than equipped to obtain them without worry. How much could that be worth immediately? How much in the long term? You will thrive as a result of the practical understandings you will gain from this book. You will be empowered as myths are dispelled and new methods are revealed.
The Rapport Superstar is an educational and excellent source of reference for the networking pro or newbie. It was influenced by my 20+ years of networking with all types of different people from interns and sales reps to upper management, C-Level Executives and even politicians and always finding what I was looking for. When you know how to firmly control the outcomes of your various encounters, you'll have the option to pick and choose from layers of opportunities that you will create for yourself. When you have a wide range of favorable options to choose from, it could mean avoiding dry-spells and lapses in employment all together. Sometimes it's hard to put a price-tag on some things like the above because their value and worth actually increase with time. After 20+ years of networking for business, I could not fit it all in one book but I made sure I covered the vital components everyone needs to know in order to succeed and keep on succeeding. You will walk away with an improved and valuable skill that you will use the rest of your life to capture not only your dream objectives but friendships too valuable to put a price-tag on!
About the author
John H. Lee is the Owner and President of Bizivents.com, an events website dedicated to keeping business people abreast of current happenings. In addition to founding Bizivents, The 200 Pros Networking Happy Hour, and authoring “Expert Networking Secrets Exposed in Plain English”. John offers Personal and Group Coaching in Business Networking, Advisory Services, Event Planning, and Public Speaking for professionals and businesses of all sizes. John is the "Top Business Networking Expert Author" on EzineArticles.com and his works have been published on thousands of world wide web publications. (Keyword; "J.H. Lee EzineArticles.com"). His work can also be viewed in Philadelphia's largest Chambers of Commerce newsletters and blogs. (GPCC & GNPCC)