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  • SubGenre:Psychotherapy / Counseling
  • Language:English
  • Pages:84
  • eBook ISBN:9781617922565

The Rain in Spain

The Use of Love’s Conductive Reasoning in Soul Therapy

by John R. brusseau

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The Rain in Spain The Rain in Spain is: • A book that places before the reader, a complete psychological model of our human being, and in easy to understand language. • It is a book that introduces, in well reasoned concepts, the highly effective, Conductive Reasoning approach to therapy for the soul. • The Rain in Spain is a book that will make you think about everything from a different philosophical angle. • It is at once, spiritual, and rational, practical, and full of insight about the human condition.
If you are a person who would like to be of significant support to people in real need of emotional healing, and perhaps you have a degree in psychological counseling, but all your rote learning has done very little to equip you to effectively help other souls; then this book was written for you. If you are a person who has wanted to understand our human psychological makeup, but don’t have the time for text books full of specialized terminology that will only leave you with an academic merit badge at some schools’ academic club, and yet will get you no closer to an basic overview of the human equation, then I wrote this book for you. And if you are a person who has been deeply wounded by the professional help of impersonal, selfish, healers, healers who have offered you cookie-cutter solutions that may have served their need for money, or self-aggrandizement, but did little for you; then this book was written for you. And if you are a person who has increasingly felt pushed into an intellectual corner, or coerced into espousing some vague Brave New World reactionary philosophy that arrogantly ignores the entirety of the spiritual aspect of the universe, then I wrote this book for you.
About the author
If you are looking for my academic credentials for writing this book, that is only because you have not yet read my book. The particular kind of therapy I deploy cannot be taught in a school. It can only be found by those pursuing God. Besides all of that, I am not terribly special; I have no special qualifications. I simply know what you don’t, about Conductive Reasoning. Oh, and also, I have a philosophers need to get a grasp of the big picture, so I will be giving you this new Conductive Reasoning Therapy concept inside an overview of your human existence, and that within an overview of the universe. I have spent most of my adult life using this form of therapy, on myself, and anyone who came to me for help. I have learned pretty much everything I know from those therapy experiences. If you want more information than that, read the book. It will tell you more about me than one of these pretty little autobiographies ever could. If I actually know something that proves useful to you, then reading the book will show you I knew something valuable. If the book gives you no insight what-so-ever, then all of the academic credentials in the world won’t matter to you.