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  • SubGenre:Healing / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:250
  • eBook ISBN:9781620952603

The Power Of The Titz

...A Woman's Journey Back To Her Self

by Xandra Sunny Moon and Lee Abzu

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The POWER of the TITZ... a woman’s journey back to her self, is not a book for the weak but is a book designed to take the courageous, age 40-plus woman on an incredible journey of physical, sensual and spiritual enlightenment. You cannot be taught anything but that which is already in you. This book is a guide to lead you towards experiencing your own, powerful, “Great Awakening.” Life really is FUN after 40!
The POWER of the TITZ... a woman’s journey back to her self, is a compelling, simple and refreshing book that takes the age 40-plus woman back to her innocent beginnings, helping her to reconnect with her free-spirited and wondrous child-self, who still resides within. A woman’s self-help book that blends humorous and light- hearted stories with the more serious issues that affect many women over the age of 40. You will be shown the importance of reuniting with your little girl within, who will teach you how to live, love, laugh, and play once again. You will be introduced to a heady mélange of sensuality interfused with spirituality, unlike anything that has ever been written, resulting in an explosive, empowering, reawakening for the age 40-plus woman! Includes a complete nutritional section jam-packed with a com-prehensive list of carefully researched, life-giving antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and herbs to help you retain your youth and vitality ~ secrets dating back to ancient civilizations. It’s my body It’s my chest It’s my choice To LOVE my BREASTS” TM “My body, my chest, my choice, my BREASTS!” TM “The POWER of the TITZ...a woman’s journey back to her self” is a down home book written in first person by a modern-day feminist, who loves her Double-D Breasts! Xandra makes her point: Our breasts are one body part that both men and women can see, so women should be proud of them and claim their sexual power! Betty Dodson, PhD., Sex for One: The Joy of Selfloving www.dodsonandross.com
About the author
Xandra “Sunny” Moon is an ascended spirit living a human life. Born a Gemini in a Mercury retrograde, she has literally overcome seemingly insurmountable odds and has emerged victorious in spite of the many obstacles she has encountered in this life. From rape, unlawful imprisonment, mental and emotional abuse, to divorce, Xandra is a ‘survivor’ in its’ purest form. Having worked the past fourteen years in a predominately male profession as a semi-truck driver driving 18-wheels across the United States and Canada, Xandra has talked with thousands of women and men regarding the plight of the age 40-plus woman, who has been both suppressed and oppressed for many generations in this patriachal society in which we live, after which, the 40-plus woman is subsequently discarded, as if her life no longer has value. Xandra has been relentless in her quest to change these circumstances. Xandra’s “sunny” personality, in addition to her spiritual connection to the Moon-Goddess, Diana, is phenomenal! Xandra is a woman of raw, sensual, emotional beauty, bringing light and truth instilled with a rare, majestic wisdom to her much oppressed, 40-plus sisters of the world. Her cups truly runneth over!