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  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:96
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098356354

The Perillous Journey Of Whomus in The Garden of Uter.


by Daniel Faustin

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In the first edition of the "Perillous Journey of Whomus in the Garden of Uter, The Dawn of Life", the author presented the story about life before birth through the experience of a fetus-subject, Whomus, whose life in the Garden of Uter is a parody of the life of a fetus in the uterine cavity. This second edition of the story of Whomus brings two elements to enhance and clarify the journey:

- Illustration of the general area where the story unfolds, the precursors of Whomus, Spex and Oy, in their place of origin, their journey toward the garden, Whomus's itinerary, his/her settlement in the bubble of Uter until the final day of departure to the outer world. 3-D pictures of real fetuses at different points of the journey are added for context.

- The most frequently asked questions by readers of the first edition are answered by the author.

These two additions make the story of Whomus more compelling and are expected to increase the reader's engagement in its practical implications.


This story of Whomus in the Garden of Uter is a parody of the fetal life before birth. From the moment of the fortuitous encounter of Spex and Oy and their fusion in one of two back alleys leading to the Garden of Uter, the life of the resulting Whomus in the Garden of Uter unfolds from a unicellular being to the more complex multi-organ individual preparing his/her exit to the outer world after a journey averaging two hundred and eighty days. This is essentially a novel about life before birth.

This second edition, with its illustration of the site where the story unfolds, the visual representation of the protagonists, Spex and Oy, precursors of Whomus, brings more clarity to the new reader unfamiliar with the intimate biologic events leading to conception and life before birth. The Q&A chapter adds the interactive element resulting from dialogues between readers of the first edition and the author during live sessions organized on the subject of Whomus in the Garden of Uter. The current Covid-19 pandemic has awaken our attention to the fragility of life, and the story of Whomus is a reminder of how and where it all began in an easy-to-read science fiction format. This work can serve as a catalyst to meetings among friends, family and and co-workers on the subject of life before birth,

About the author

Daniel Faustin MD, FACOG, is a practicing physician in the field of Maternal Fetal Medicine, who has devoted his professional career to Obstetrics, Gynecology, fetal development and well-being.

As a graduate of the University of Brussels in Belgium, he has been living in New York, USA and is currently the Director of the Maternal Fetal Medicine Division, Gynecologic and Fetal Imaging at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center.