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  • SubGenre:Music
  • Language:English
  • Pages:178
  • eBook ISBN:9781543976762
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543976755

The Other Side of Famous

by Jeff K Dezern

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My life as a gang member begin at the age of 17, riddled with bullet holes, drug addiction, gang fights with the Hell's Angels and the Black Mafia I was left for dead! This book shows how the power of God reached into the depths of hell and saved my life through music and a song!.


This entire book is about music and the dark side of life that some of us end up in. Lost on the dark side I experienced years of gang violence, drug addiction, and even demonic possession. I ended up leaving my hometown of Winston-Salem,N.C. and moving to Nashville to pursue my music career. I thought the gift of song that God placed in my heart was to become famous! But after rejection after rejection I gave up on my dream. Once the dream was over after a couple of years I picked up my guitar again and was then I realized music would save my life and heal all my wounds. Now at the age of 57 I still write and sing and am quiet happy with my life over here on, The Other Side of Famous.

About the author
I grew up in a good family. I'm 3rd generation blue grass. My papa picked the banjo I grew up around music all my life. Some where along the way things went south as I began my journey through gangs and drug addiction. In the end the music I grew up on was what saved my life.

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The Other Side of Famous While reading this book I didn't want to put it down but I had to; to sit and Ponder the phrases that I had just read. Jeff takes you to the gates of hell right along beside him and shows you how being a third-generation musician and performer came back to his heart and through this Jesus saved his soul . Even though this book talks about Jeff's past; it's really to show you the mercy of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior When you see Jeff perform his gospel songs or see him talking about his book he looks exactly like the man he used to be. He wears sleeveless shirts so that you can see the tats that tell you all about the man he used to be. The other side of famous also tells the story of his youth when he was infamous. You and or someone you know are the reason Jeff wrote This Book he did not want to tell these things about his past he even chose not to Varnish the ugly truth so it would shine a little brighter but understood that God needed him to tell the whole truth so that others like Jeff when he was head deep in hell could understand the infinite mercy of Jesus Christ and find their way back home like he did. Read more