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  • Genre:HISTORY
  • SubGenre:Social History
  • Language:English
  • Pages:180
  • Paperback ISBN:9798218156787

The Oklahoma Historical Edwards Addition on Success Street

by Connie LaRue Johnson

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This book is about The Oklahoma Historical Edwards Addition on Success Street. Dedicated to the memory of Harold Louis Sr. & Bernice Hatten-Smith and family. It is about the "Smith" family living on Success Street and uncovering Overlooked stories, of icons on a journey. With a cultural difference and positive influence of families and prominent people living in the Historical Edwards Addition. Presently we start our history in 1948 - 2024 going back to 9,000 B.C. including 1838 when the Indians were removed from Atlanta GA to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Family members mentioned in this book are living today.


These stories are of our parents, my childhood, and the events of our family and friends living in The Historical Edwards in the community of one thousand homes owned by blacks. You must read it to believe it. I lived through it, and I know that the stories are true. These are facts and eyewitness reports of the "Smith" family and friends. These are stories of love and loss, from happiness to sadness, amazing fun, entertainment, recreation, excitement, performing, and instructive lessons we learned while growing up in the neighborhood. This book is more than a collection of stories. It is based on a foundation of facts, knowledge, experiences, and events of how we lived on 2805 NE Success Street. However, after researching Historical Wall Street, I can compare Historical Edwards Addition to the same value system of those who lived in the prominent Black Wall Street massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma and died.

In 1830 Congress passed the Indian Removal Act which would exile the five tribes from their native land Atlanta Georgia. The tribes include Atlanta's Trail of Tears travel from Atlanta to Birmingham to Tennessee crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge into Arkansas and settled in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma then known as Oklahoma Territory. My ancestors on my mother's side, Rev. Green Williams and Ann Nolan Williams traveled with the trail of Tears.

These stories describe the genealogy, history, culture, education, religion, business, economy, capital, power, relationship and entertainment of the Smith family, as well as my personal journey, family icons and friends. The main idea I want to communicate with the reader is that Historical Edwards Addition has its own history. 

About the author
Connie LaRue Johnson was born and raised in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. She is the fifth child born to Harold Lewis Sr. and Bernice Smith. Rev. Johnson earned her Bachelor of Arts of Religion Studies in 2014 from Beulah Heights University in Atlanta, Georgia. Rev. Connie has provided leadership to the congregation of Pleasant Hill Victory A.M.E. Church in Atlanta GA. In 2019 she established and is the CEO & Founder of Gladness Bible Institue in Atlanta GA. She received the President's Life Achievement Award in 2021.