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  • SubGenre:Social Issues / Adolescence
  • Language:English
  • Pages:49
  • eBook ISBN:9781483525884

The Myth of Heroe

The Art of Living for Adults and Teens

by Donya Ture'

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The Myth of Heroe is a book of short lessons interspersed with a mythological story of a young child cast into a forest to fend for her/himself. The lessons and the story mirror each other. The story in short, is about learning to survive in the most dire of circumstances. The child grows up alone and has to learn what to eat and how to defend her/himself. The story is actually without gender so that each youth can, if they would, picture themselves as Heroe. Heroe fantasizes about the land of the golden lights that is settled across a raging river. When Heroe is old enough and strong enough, she/he fashions a canoe so that she/he cross the dangerous waters. It is a life or death moment and Heroe's canoe is swept up and over the vast waterfall. But Heroe does survives and comes to discover that she/he is the child of the King and Queen of this golden land that for so long she/he wanted to visit. Heroe was kidnapped and brought to Creeden with hopes that she/he would be devoured by the creatures there. The story is about survival and finding within, the majestic self that overcomes adversities of all kinds. The Lessons interspersed range from learning to be authentic 'you' to being financially savvy.
The Myth of Heroe is a series of lessons that deal with many of the issues that affects adolescents today. The book begins with a discussion about the Italian Renaissance and how that movement was spurred by the youth of that era. I discuss how the adolescent stage is characterized by having an abundance of energy and confidence that if geared in the right direction- can change the world. I then begin with a course of 31 or so short lessons that discuss why having children before one can take care of themselves is a mistake, how knowing who you are and embracing your uniqueness is the path to success, why its essential to discover your talent or acquire a skill when you are young and how we have nothing to do with our parents choices, especially if they are damaging. The book is a supplement to help parents who want their teens to understand life and would like an interesting book to support their efforts. The book is frank in its delivery, yet the mythological story that is juxtaposed between the lessons may be as powerful as the literal lessons. The book ends with the history of man, this is added so that every teen that reads it can have a head start in the world. If those who read this book aspire to the heights that I encourage, they will need to know how to discuss everything from politics to astronomy, so I added it all there for them. This is an unique book, short, but packed with a lot of interesting punches.
About the author
I write adoption profiles as my 9-5 job. I love to write and have studied all of the arts. I am an avid exerciser. I meditate, practice yoga and am an amateur dancer as well. I published a book with Balboa Press called 'Free Falling Into Your Higher Self.' It is to be book 1 of a series of 4. The genre is General Spirituality/Self Help. The book I will publish with you is for adolescents and young adults. It was inspired by my work with teens in the social service arena. I have 4-5 finished books. I intend to make a living writing books and doing workshops.
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