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  • SubGenre:Sports Psychology
  • Language:English
  • Pages:140
  • eBook ISBN:9780983921462

The Mind Game Of Competition

12 Lessons To Develop The Mental Toughness Essential To Becoming A Champion

by Kevin Seaman

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12 Lessons to develop the Mental Toughness essential to becoming a champion: Using his 30+ years of coaching experience, Master Coach Kevin Seaman unveils some of the most valuable information available on mental performance in his third book on the subject. His Winning Mind Set Performance Program, which this book is based on has been used by thousands of individuals with stellar results and will help you become the athlete you want to be. The Mind Game Of Competition is geared toward the development of any athlete, young or old. Simple, yet concise The Mind Game Of Competition is an easy read and packed full of cutting edge strategies you can use on a daily basis to help become the best at your GAME you can possibly be! The content of this book is not only important, it is essential for every athlete! *Absorb the MOST critical things you need to know to bring your game to the next level! *Discover the secrets that are taught by some of the top coaches in the WORLD. *Find out what separates the extraordinary from the rest. *Capture the KEY to mastering performance under pressure. *Learn how to Unleash The Power Of Your Mind!
Description by World Renowned Coach April Hartsook The only thing the truly sets individuals apart from one another is their ability to conquer their minds. Distinguishing fear based, from fact based actions and responses, allows us to overcome obstacles and achieve desired outcomes. Our thoughts are masterpieces of mental indulgence, always demanding us to harness their power again and again. Inviting us to dig deeper, expand broader, and evoke the necessary change from within, for profound personal growth. Often times we see the world as our competitor and our enemy. In reality it is the image of the world that we fight, and it is that image that paralyzes us. How we see it, and how we believe it sees us. The goal in life is not simply to exist; it is and should always be, to overcome: self, adversity, ego and fear. My role as a change agent on this planet is to teach individuals that change begins with a thought that is then followed by an action that is different from the way they have always done. In order to cease their repetitive nature and comfort of dysfunction their thinking must be altered. Only then can they embrace the possibility of a once un-achievable result. Kevin and I are very similar in the thought/action principle. Hence the reason I believe he asked me to write this foreword. After all, great minds think alike! The Mind Game of Competition is an action required book designed to educate, teach and invoke action to achieve greatness. Kevin Seaman has written a step-by- step guide that enlightens your journey by providing essential lessons and tools necessary to become a true champion in your life. Drawing on the synergies of the physical, mental and emotional aspects of competition, Kevin provides solution driven principles that will transform your thought processes and allow unbelievable results. I have spent many years writing and teaching similar ideals and principles, and I found myself motivated and inspired as I witnessed his alternative applications to those very same ideals. This book helps provide you with an understanding of who you are at this moment, coupled with an uncovering of who you want to be moving forward. Every lesson is designed to help you utilize the tools around you in order to become all that you were meant to be. In the ever-changing realm of competition, Master Coach Kevin Seaman provides the insight and initiative required to carry out all of your ambitious goals, no matter how unattainable you once thought they were. This Mind Game of Competition invites you to carve a distinctive path of unbelievable success for yourself. Competition is everywhere in all things, but application of the lessons found in this book can and will allow you to overcome anything. Go deep within your mind and learn how and why you think the way you do. Apply new techniques to propel and energize you forward, all the while reminding you that navigating this labyrinth we call life requires information, coupled with action. I have always proclaimed if you Want Different Do DifferentTM. I invite you to delve into this book deeply, process its contents again and again, and then apply them to your life on a daily basis. Stop fighting the world and start conquering yourself! April Hartsook- Fitness Philanthropist and Master Coach
About the author
Kevin Seaman is no stranger to the struggle to improve himself mentally and physically. His journey to become a Master Coach is a story of failure, blood, sweat and tears, and ultimately, success. His drive is due to his propensity to help others improve, a payment for the guidance he recieved along the way. Kevin has coached nearly 30,000 individuals through his Academy (he operated for 19 years), 42 semesters as a course instructor in the Physical Education Department at Cornell University, other affiliate gyms and over 250 workshops, nationally and interna- tionally. To date, this is his 3rd book on the science and application of personal success strategies, benchmarking his 4th book in print. His accomplishments include 8 Black Belts in various Martial Arts with 43 years of experience, three time Hall Of Fame Inductee and former State, Regional and World Champion in Full Contact Martial Arts. Kevin has worked Internationally as the exclusive Mental Performance Coach for the World Cup Kiteboarding Champion- ships in Caberete, Dominican Republic, and has worked with Athletes Nationally and Internationally from the USA, South America, Europe, Canada and Mexico through his coaching program, The Winning Mind Set/ kevin@thewinningmindset.com