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  • SubGenre:Sociology / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:274
  • Paperback ISBN:9780578599496

The Master Book of MEMES

by Britt Minshall

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The Master Book of MEMES is a Group Dynamics study book covering the newly discovered force of Human Social MEMES on human society. MEMES Create Gods, Build Cities and Form Nations while simultaneously Unleashing Devils, Making WARS and Killing Us Dead!
How often do we watch TV and are horrified at people committing atrocious acts against other people? How often have we asked: "Why did they do such an awful thing?" The truth is "they often don't know. When confronted with Corporations cheating and stealing the very lives of their beloved customers and employees, or Nations lying to their loyal citizens, leading them to surrender their children's lives to war against another harmless people, or when really nice boys and girls, reared NOT to kill and destroy, travel to lands afar just to murder innocent people, THEN you realize MEMES are at work. Every person has TWO PEOPLE inside them! There is the sweet soulful self, hard working peaceful individuals. Then there is the other, a member of a MEME. If the Meme is an organization for GOOD (building hospitals, rail lines or holiness religions) they become sold out to the mission at hand and do extraordinary deeds. But if the organism is dedicated to doing harm to others (military, criminal gang, dishonest enterprise) then unbelievable destruction is accomplished by the same person. MEMES work under the basic premise that Together Everyone Achieves More (SYNERGY), but that "More" can mean Miracles or it can mean Madness. While CULTURE is the BEING component of civilization – MEMES are the ACTION component of of the same. The Master Book of MEMES is written for lay readers, easy to understand, connected to YOU TUBE so the reader can experience short videos of teachings from the author, and it has over eighty stories to illustrate MEMES in everyday situations. the book is structured with broad margins for note taking. The Master Book of MEMES is a finely engineered Study Book printed 8.5 x 8.5 for lay open reading. The reader will walk away with a completely expanded mental grasp of life in the social setting, able to witness the major stories not saying "WHY?" but rather SO THAT'S HOW IT HAPPENS!
About the author
A law enforcement officer for 16 years, become Chaplin and Pastor for 28 years, Britt has dedicated his life to helping people live together in peace and mutual prosperity. In addition to his 44 years of on hands experience he hold degrees from Thomas Edison U., a Masters in Psychology and Power Conflict and a Doctorate in Social Psychology and Group dynamics from Boston U.. His specialty has been the documentation, study and teaching the difference between personal behavior and the completely different behavior of people as part of a Human Social Organism (MEME). He discovered the 75 Laws of MEME behavior,, that's the default setting that govern the behavior of groups, that rule all of human civilization. Britt has attended CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) in Washington for 15 years, meeting world leaders on a one to one basis. The State of Florida remembers Britt as the originator and tireless champion of the Chaplin's Act, releasing young children from incarceration with adults in Hospital Psych Wards. He received the Lilly Foundation's "Sustaining Excellence in Urban Ministry Award" in 2006. He is often criticized in academic circles for writing and presenting in terms easily understood to both students and lay readers. Over the past 10 years Britt has guested on several hundred radio and TV stations, written many articles, visited Haiti over four years as a missionary and served the UN as a volunteer Chaplin.