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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Fantasy / Action & Adventure
  • Language:English
  • Pages:590
  • eBook ISBN:9798350938739
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350938722


by CE Ayers III

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In his later years, Albert Henry Bunker, a world-renowned Archeologist of African History, and a noted scholar in the Christian faith, comes across the validity of a tribal voodoo curse that will breach humanity in his lifetime if it is not stopped beforehand. Albert must put together a small team of professionals that needs to find and defeat a demonic beast before humankind is severely destroyed. In his quest for victory, the faithful old warrior faces off against, wrathful men, ferocious animals, the harshness of nature, an ailing body, and the misleading presence of dark forces. Albert's only hope lies in the one true power holding him upright--God's loving grace.
The Lion's Curse was born out of an idea for a movie script, that began to blossom into a full-fledged novel. The story was simple and standard as movies mostly go. But as the main characters became more believable, other characters were created around them. And the story took on a whole new level of specialty. It became real, but never lost its fantasy appeal. The Lion's Curse brings together the three realms of human nature and the three realms of spiritual nature. Giving them a connection in a way that has never been accomplished before. This story tells of the lives of four men, complete strangers until one cataclysmic event enters their worlds and forces them to come together for the salvation of humanity. First, there is Detective John Rankins, an inner-city cop who grew up in the divided town where he works, so he learned to deal with people accordingly. But his suspicion of others has given him a fiery attitude by which to live. Second, there is Clark Kenton, who would prefer to go by the name of CK. A man constructed of durability and a chosen love for life on his own terms, until his durability and love are tested by the new woman that enters his world. Next, there is Leon Jeffries, a tender-hearted young man who feels that he can live with a boyish attitude forever. Until the reality of his family's bloodline teaches him just how harassing the world can be. Changing the young man into something that he hates. And lastly, there is the main man Albert Henry Bunker. The oldest, wisest, most accomplished of them all. Albert is highly educated and well-established in his society and a pure man at heart. His walk with God, the Father, is upright and genuine, as much as a man can be in today's world. In God's book, Albert is a warrior, but his days are ending, so he is given one last battle to fight in the name of Jehovah. A battle that will pit him against, man and beast, nature and illness, and worst of all a demonic force that now has the ability to reach out and touch his life. This is a tale told on an epic scale. I would even dare to say that this will be the best movie the readers will have ever read.
About the author
Clarence Ayers was born and raised on the west side of Chicago during the '60s and '70s. Racial segregation was noticeably prevalent, and growing up in a world with no real social media, staying to yourself was a life-saving habit. Witnessing the downturn of national black organizations, and the assassinations of the most prominent national black heroes, Clarence was one of many left with no real trustworthy hope in society. Plus the added vice of gang violence and the drug trade in his neighborhood helped to aid Clarence in his chosen seclusion. While on his own in his family's six-floor CHA housing apartment, Clarence learned to create characters and tell stories from his imagination and learned how to bring them to life. He wrote on legal notepads with pens and pencils until a long-lasting callus formed on his writing hand's pinkie finger. As he grew, Clarence attended Crane Vocational High School and Columbia College in Chicago before working with several local film entertainment companies to hone his craft and develop his love for storytelling. With the grace of God, family, and the arts on his side, along with some internet classes from well-known writers and the Writers Guild, Clarence began to share and thrill others with his gifts. And now his time has come to go worldwide with his first novel that he believes has some flavor for everyone.