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Book details
  • Genre:DRAMA
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:248
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350919912

The Lady in The Window

by Wayne Tamberelli

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Julia is the only eyewitness to three murderers responsible for a pair of homicides. Detectives Ralph Timmons and Marquis Scott struggle to open Julia's memory which, for unexplainable reasons, stopped recording the events in her life 50 years ago. As more bodies pile up, Ralph and Marquis struggle to find the killers while their Chief of Detectives, Lieutenant Anderson, puts pressure on them to wrap up the growing series of murders. If the detectives are going to catch the killers, they will need Maria, an FBI profiler who is friends with Detective Timmons and his wife, Sophia. Unraveling the string of murders is complicated by twists and turns creating a series of knots along the way.
The Lady In The Window is a suspenseful thriller involving an eclectic cast of characters. We first meet Julia Bennett Turner at her 88th birthday party. Her house mates celebrating with Julia all live in The Home For Elderly Ladies. In reality few care it is Julia's birthday they just want cake and any excuse to have some is just fine with them. The women who live in The Home with Julia rarely speak with her. Julia is not like the other women. They leave Julia to herself, that is, all but Grace who never misses a chance to say a disparaging word to Julia. Julia lives in a world she can only see when she is in her window. She sees a world that was and in her mind still is. Look through her window and what you will see is quite different than Julia's visions. When Julia becomes the only eye witness to the killers in a pair of murders her life will forever be changed. Detectives Ralph Timmons and Marquis Scott are assigned to the case. They quickly realize it won't be easy to learn from Julia what she saw. Julia can see clearly her life as it happened decades in the past and speak of those events in great detail. But she is a puzzel to Detectives Scott and Timmons who try to get from Julia a mental picture of the killers, but the camera in Julia's mind stopped recording events in her life 50 years ago. There are several and unexpected twists in this story to keep you on the edge of your seat. The pace quickens when the killers try to get back at the detectives chasing them. A variety of characters twist the story one way and then another. A courageous neurosurgeon, a used car salesman and even Ralph Timmons' wife Sophia are essential in bringing this story to a close. But not before you ride along in a high speed chase in the streets of Manhattan. Put on your seat belt and ride along with Detective Timmons in his hot blue Mustang or catch a ride with Mr Anthony as your chauffeur while a very youthful Julia and her husband, Justin ride along with you in the bright green 1934 Packard. I don't want to reveal any of the suspenseful events that fill the pages of this book. I want you to feel your pulse quicken as you read. For those who like to read the ending first, fight that urge to do so. The ending is and should remain a secret until you read to the book's conclusion.
About the author
Wayne Tamberelli has authored many short stories, but "The Lady in The Window" is his first venture in writing a complete novel. He has written for scuba magazines, medical journals, Sunday school classes, and sermons. As his career in medicine for the past 46 years winds down, he is looking forward to a second career as a professional writer. Wayne has been married to Turner for half a lifetime. His bride is his inspiration, and he is forever grateful for her. They live with Sparkles, a Siamese, and Buddy, a Tuxedo cat. Their home is a place of respite, happiness, laughter, and fun.