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  • SubGenre:Dance / Popular
  • Language:English
  • Pages:388
  • eBook ISBN:9780985995768

The Kings of Dance

The History of Bronx Rock!

by Luis De Jesus

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The Kings of Dance novel is an education of dance, and how music evolved along with it. “As far back as I can remember which would be 1972; Rock the dance was born right before my eyes.” The first-time author, Luis De Jesus, exclaims an education on how “Rock” was born and how from the Bronx dance roots the next level of dancing evolved. The purest form of dance; Rock! THE BASICS, THE FUNDAMENTALS! A lot of people do not have knowledge and are blind to the real facts, let this be your schooling. This story is a time portal that takes you back to the different glamorous Disco’s, music, and styles of clothes. This book is so that the truth can be exposed. Luis was there; he is the proof in the pudding. All of the people mentioned in this book deserve their title.This is based on a true story! It took place in the Bronx.
In a realm lost in time, I was introduced to dance. The glory days! What an unforgettable era. Disco had just cracked the surface of the dance world. In an era where gangs ran the streets, the Silent Weapon was born! As the dance, Rock, progressed, the gangs seemed to evaporate little by little. Nobody wanted the gang lifestyle anymore; we wanted a new dance lifestyle. A new change progressed, our mutual battle grounds became the dance floor! We evolved into a more civilized state of mind with a positive result. Now we could still go to war without the bloodshed! My disco days lasted 10 years from 1972 until 1982. We kept the dances Rock and the Latin Hustle alive for ten years. Actually, the Latin Hustle and Rock never died. These dances are still being done today. Here lies the insight of a street dancer from da Bronx. But, before my dance phase evolves there are 13 years to unfold. Let’s start at the beginning, let’s start at my introduction to the pigeon world. Consequently, it seems that everything that happened to me in my life is pigeon related.
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