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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Fantasy / Epic
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Enemy Glory
  • Series Number:3
  • Pages:200
  • eBook ISBN:9780985352257

The King's Glory

by Karen Michalson

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The King's Glory is the third book in Karen Michalson's Enemy Glory trilogy.

Hecate orders Llewelyn to restore a now-damaged world to its pre-damaged state without violating his evil alignment. If he fails, he will suffer unspeakable torture upon death. Forever. Which could happen at any time, seeing that everybody he's ever had contact with—including other evil clerics—are trying to kill him. Unwillingly aligned to evil, facing eternal torture should he die without fulfilling Hecate's mandate, he must justify the world to the gods.


Editorial Reviews

"Brilliant. Unforgettable. Poetic. Hecate's Glory — like Enemy Glory, the first book in Karen Michalson's proposed trilogy — is a masterpiece of fantasy. You don't read these books: you experience them. It's like listening to beautiful alien music whose slow, hypnotizing melodies could either originate from an ancient, long-forgotten race or some madwoman's dreams. The lyrical narrative is equally fascinating and disturbing. . . . If you're looking for a light read, stay away from these novels. Michalson's series is heavy in every sense of the word. If you enjoy stories that are complex and intellectually as well as morally challenging, I highly recommend Enemy Glory and Hecate's Glory — dark, cerebral fantasy with enough treachery and revenge to satisfy even the blackest heart." — Paul Goat Allen, Barnes & Noble, from a review of the Enemy Glory series

"Here's a little something for Enemy Glory fans who've been wondering whatever happened to Karen Michalson's luckless Llewelyn. Hecate's Glory will fill you in on the whole gory, blasting, twisted, dark deal that Michalson's devilish imagination has rendered in ink — maybe it was blood. If you like your fantasy dark, depressing, and a little disturbing then Hecate's Glory won't disappoint. . . . Frankly, I'm wondering how many mediocre, pulp churning, New York Times List-making successful writers could meet Michalson's well-crafted writing quality, or even read well enough to clue into her devastating deconstruction of the literary world." — Eva Wojcik-Obert, Fantastica Daily, from a review of the Enemy Glory series

"Llewelyn might say he serves evil – and, in truth, he's no saint – but he remains a truly likable and, oddly enough, decent person. Michalson's study of the darkness and light in every soul has created a powerful and memorable character." — Penny Kenny, Starlog, from a review of the Enemy Glory series

About the author

Karen Michalson is the author of three literary fantasy novels: Enemy Glory, Hecate's Glory, and The King's Glory, which together form the Enemy Glory trilogy. She once described the trilogy, which is narrated by an anti-hero magician who chooses evil as a response to an unspeakable betrayal, as "literary fiction tripping the dark fantastic." Her fourth novel, The Maenad's God, blends psychological thriller, magical realism, romantic suspense, and rock band fiction. It takes place in 1990s Massachusetts and Toronto.

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