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  • SubGenre:Love & Romance
  • Language:English
  • Pages:266
  • eBook ISBN:9781667838038
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667838021

The Housekeeper's Secret

A Whirligig Christmas

by Carol French-Cobb

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The Housekeeper's Secret begins with a mysterious young woman arriving in a small town in Northwest Missouri, Hill Brook, with a child in a carrier. She decides to exit the train because of the whirligigs surrounding a town's welcome sign near the railroad tracks. Their whimsey and charm make her feel safe. With the help of many friendly people, she finds a live-in job as a housekeeper to a foreign correspondent who is away on assignment for a year. She and the child thrive until the homeowner's unexpected arrival. He exhibits signs of being physical and mental exhaustion for an unknown reason. The story evolves as they heal and share their secrets and learn about the redeeming value of building whirligigs.
Synopsis of The Housekeeper's Secret© A Whirligig Christmas Carol French-Cobb Emma Morrison and a child leave the east coast to seek a safe place and find many guardian angels along their travels. She was drawn to a town in Northwest Missouri, Hill Brook, because of a friendly town sign that she spots by the train tracks. Whirligigs were spinning all around. Emma remembered reading a book in an eighth-grade class about Whirligigs and how she always thought they were charming. Then, the propellers caught the wind and made something on the Whirligig move. It was a strange way to pick a town to live in while escaping a severe problem. She had second doubts about running away, but fear kept her looking for answers. Mike Williams, a foreign correspondent for a cable news network, returns to his hometown of Hill Brook, a heartsick and broken man. Although not a soldier, he appears to be suffering from PTSD from a tragedy in Afghanistan. His dark journey conflicts with Emma's secretive problems, but through the love of the town's generous people, they both see hope. Although their first meeting was complicated and confusing, the two shared a house for a few weeks, both working through events that had changed their lives forever. Emma connects with the friendly town members, while Michael stays by himself, ignoring his problems. However, the presence of a toddler seems to crack Michael's demeanor and helps him come out of his shell. Emma feels that creating a whirligig can be therapeutic, and she rereads a book by Paul Fleischman about how building whirligigs change a young man's life. Whirligigs are quirky, clever gadgets and usually move in rhythm to the speed of the wind. The process of making a whirligig can be therapeutic by cutting wood, sanding, painting, and assembling the project. The community in the small town helps both Emma and Michael to face their issues squarely.
About the author
Carol French-Cobb is a writer and teacher. She loves romance stories, contemporary and historical. However, the first book she wrote was about the Vietnam War Era for young adults, No Ordinary Dare. Reading all genres is another favorite hobby, along with gardening.

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The Housekeeper's Secret I was immediately curious why Emma was running away from home and with a baby. Why was she scared? What was she running from? And why was her family helping and supporting her runaway? That was plenty for me to keep reading. And why was someone checking on her as she tried to settle into a small town at random? Why did the house owner return home early from his job as a reporter? Not even the townspeople could figure that out. Read this book to find the answers. Read more
Intriguing and exciting romantic mystery! This book was intriguing and exciting! The plot kept my interest and curiosity throughout. I loved the characters who were aptly described and likable, including Emma, Michael, Millie Olivia, John, and, of course, Baby Charlie. I learned all about whirligigs, which played an essential part in the plot. The novel is a quick read-- I could not put it down! Emma's journey to an unknown destination was intriguing. That kept my curiosity for the entire book. I highly recommend! Read more
Small Town Charm, Secrets, and Joy A young woman far from home, a baby, secrets, and the charming town of Hill Brook and its wide cast of characters make for a fun read. The story and its surprises propel the reader along as they look for secrets to be revealed in the pages. Now where can I get a whirligig? Read more
An engaging tale! An engaging tale of two young people who find a safe place to heal in the embrace of a small Missouri town. The setting offers a whirl of holiday activities and generous helpings of good food. And there's a cherubic baby, too! From the cheery cover to the heart-warming resolution, The Housekeeper's Secret is a pleasure. Read more
A romantic and charming journey! It is so rewarding and enjoyable to follow along on Emma's literal and personal journeys in The Housekeeper's Secret...I loved watching her form relationships with many townspeople in the charming town of Hillbrook. As you read the book, you feel like you are right there with Emma in the small town, as she learns, grows, and celebrates alongside the wonderful cast of characters! A fantastic, romantic and charming read! Read more
The Housekeeper's Secret--A Whirligig Christmas A delightful, charming small town romance--a perfect escape and will make you want to find a whirligig! Highly recommend. Read more