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  • SubGenre:Longevity
  • Language:English
  • Pages:98
  • eBook ISBN:9798350950007
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350934816

The Handbook for Health

5 Essential Pillars for Optimal Wellness

by Dr. Christopher Turnpaugh and Dr. Cynthia West

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"The Handbook for Health" is a transformative guide written by Dr. Chris Turnpaugh and Dr. Cynthia West that distills the essence of lifestyle medicine into practical wisdom for longevity and wellness. This guide dives into the foundational behaviors that influence 85% of chronic disease outcomes, presenting the keys to health as simple as what can be held in one hand: diet, sleep, movement, stress management, and timely intervention through supplements or medication. Drawing inspiration from the Blue Zones, regions known for their high number of centenarians, the book reveals that while these populations eventually face common diseases, they do so much later in life, enjoying a longer health span. "The Handbook for Health" offers readers a straightforward approach to crafting a lifestyle that not only reduces the risk of disease but also prolongs the time until its onset. By leveraging the interplay between essential health components—diet, sleep, movement, stress, and medication and/or supplements—this guide empowers you to create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. With this book, learn to count the building blocks of a robust health regimen as easily as counting on your fingers, and pave the way to a future of better health and longevity.
"The Handbook for Health" is an essential guide for anyone looking to navigate the journey towards optimal well-being and longevity. Crafted by the esteemed Dr. Chris Turnpaugh and Dr. Cynthia West of Turnpaugh Health, the largest functional health center in the country, this book provides a comprehensive approach to a lifestyle that promotes health span as much as lifespan. At the heart of this guide is the philosophy that simple, everyday decisions have profound effects on our long-term health. The book introduces readers to the foundational principles of functional medicine, emphasizing the importance of movement, nutrition, and lifestyle habits in the prevention and management of chronic diseases. It's a testament to the belief that a significant portion of our health outcomes can be shaped by the choices we make. Dr. Turnpaugh and Dr. West draw inspiration from the longevity seen in the Blue Zones, areas around the globe where people live notably longer and healthier lives. They delve into how these populations experience common diseases much later in life, suggesting that a similar health trajectory is achievable through strategic lifestyle modifications. This book goes beyond the surface, offering a deep dive into the five pillars of health: diet, sleep, movement, stress management, and appropriate medication and/or supplementation when necessary. It's designed to be a practical tool, equipping readers with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their health. The authors' expertise in functional medicine shines through as they guide you through understanding how these interrelated aspects of health can be balanced and optimized for a life of wellness. "The Handbook for Health" is more than just a collection of health tips; it's a strategic guide to making life-enhancing changes that are both sustainable and impactful. Dr. Turnpaugh and Dr. West invite you to use this book as a roadmap to a healthier you, providing the knowledge and tools necessary to transform your lifestyle and, in turn, your health destiny.
About the author

Dr. Turnpaugh is a skilled practitioner whose primary focus is on finding and addressing the root cause of disease. He graduated from Life University and received his post-doctorate in functional neurology. His interest in functional medicine began with the intent on helping a current patient who was looking to address his whole health picture after an ALS diagnosis. Dr. Turnpaugh attended a seminar in 1995 given by Dr. Jeffrey Bland, the father of functional medicine, and that began his career in root cause medicine. His passion for functional medicine led him to open the Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center in 1999. He enjoys the overall care team approach and loves sharing knowledge with the team, patients, and other providers. He has extensive experience in supporting patients who are dealing with the most difficult, chronic, autoimmune and neurological health conditions. He has a vast history of personal experience and consequently supporting Lyme disease, autoimmune conditions, thyroid disease, hormonal conditions and more. Dr. Turnpaugh teaches providers across the country about blood chemistry, thyroid conditions, brain disorders, and other functional medicine trainings.

Dr. West’s education, medical training, and professional career have taken her from Erie, Pennsylvania where she obtained her undergraduate degree from Gannon University to Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine in Philadelphia where she received her medical education. Following completion of medical school, Dr. West settled in Pittsburgh for internship and residency in Internal Medicine followed by a fellowship in Nephrology and Hypertension at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. She spent over twenty-five years practicing Nephrology in southwestern PA. Dr. West is board certified in Internal Medicine and Nephrology and served as Medical Director of a dialysis clinic in Washington, PA. From her years of work caring for those with chronic health conditions, Dr. West developed a passion for prevention of chronic disease. This led Dr. West to begin implementing principles of lifestyle medicine well over a decade ago. Dr. West became actively involved with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and through it, discovered Functional Medicine which incorporates lifestyle intervention at its foundation. Dr. West embraces the combined strategies of traditional and functional medicine as a means to prevent, treat, and even reverse many of the same diseases she treated for many years. As the lead physician in the Livegevity Program at Turnpaugh Health and Wellness, she is eager to share this approach with patients to
optimize their health span and add life to their years.

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