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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Thrillers / General
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Mossad Chronicles
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:216
  • eBook ISBN:9781667868677
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667868660

The Hajj Intercept

by Ken Peters

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Two Israeli Mossad agents, Saul, and David are inseparable friends from childhood to soldiers in the IDF. Their lives change as one day a Katusha Rocket lands on David's home killing his wife and daughters. Lifelong friends are now changed as one plot's revenge for those who took his family, while the other becomes the hunter of his best friend to save the world from a nuclear catastrophe that will send the East and West into mutually assured destruction.
"The Hajj Intercept", two Israeli Mossad agents, Saul and David, were inseparable friends from childhood to entering their national service in the IDF to eventually joining the Israeli Intelligence agency, the Mossad. They've hunted terrorists from the Urals to Zimbabwe. Trained against major threats to Israeli national security and beyond to global security. In their newest mission, they are charged with recovering a viral aerosol pathogen that was stolen by Syria from Russia. The original virus, Marberg is more deadly than Ebola. The Russians have converted the Marberg virus to a new variant called the ∆-Variant, even more, deadly than Marberg. There is the specter that Syria will use this against the Israelis since their loss of the Golan Heights. now being. Between Russia and Syria, the stakes are high in retrieving this pathogen for that Israeli scientists can formulate a countermeasure. David's life changes one day as a Katusha Rocket lands on his home killing his wife and two daughters. After his initial 7-day Jewish tradition of sitting Shiva (Jewish period of mourning), he is called in a few weeks later for his annual physical only to be told he has pancreatic cancer and to get his affairs in order. Having nothing to live for currently, Saul steals the viral pathogen and sets out on a path of revenge to disperse the deadly aerosol pathogen during the coming Hajj in Mecca. Saul and David, lifelong friends have now changed as one plots revenge for those who took his family, while the other becomes the hunter of his best friend to save the world from a nuclear catastrophe that will send the East and West into mutually assured destruction.
About the author
Dr. Ken Peters is a PhD Int'l Economist, specializing in the Healthcare & Biotechnology area and its impact on worldwide markets & companies. He has been a senior executive for several fortune 500 Healthcare companies for almost 30 years, traveling & living in Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. His PhD as an International Economist in the Biotechnology field provided critical quantitative analysis on International trade policies in healthcare and Biotech markets. In 1997 he founded World Diagnostics Inc. (NASDAQ), a point of care diagnostic test company. Through strategic partnering, acquisitions, and cross-licensing, World Diagnostics applied technological innovation to establish footholds across markets in 55 countries before being acquired. He has assisted start-ups & existing companies in becoming successful through technological change. He has been highlighted in the Wall Street Journal, published in various healthcare trade journals, a recipient of Dx Health Care Awards, and noted in "Who's Who in American Entrepreneurs". Dr. Peters has been 3X (three times) a guest scholar, at the University of Shanghai, lecturing on International Business and is currently lecturing at the Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs at Florida International University in Miami, Florida. He is a senior consultant to Kinetik Corporation an open API platform health care company transforming the "non-emergency medical transportation" industry. Dr. Peters is an author of Biotech thriller novels such as "Off Shore", and his most recent this spring "The Cure". His third biotech thriller "The Hajj Intercept" to be published by the fall of 2022.

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A must read Peters masterfully weaves together a complex narrative that interweaves political tensions, religious sensitivities, and the personal struggles of the characters. The novel delves into the intricate world of espionage, showcasing the ruthless tactics and high-stakes decisions that Mossad agents face in their pursuit of national security. Read more
- Phạm Thị
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Such a good book This book really caught my attention. Read more
THE HAJJ INTERCEPT- Amazing book This book caught your attention from the first page, it made you not stop to read. I recommend everyone to read this wonderful book. Read more