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  • SubGenre:Agriculture & Food
  • Language:English
  • Pages:400
  • eBook ISBN:9781733202718

The Great Healing

Five Compassions That Can Save Our World

by Stephen Erickson , Wendell Berry, Joel Fuhrman, MD, Jo-Anne McArthur and Alan Lewis

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In this "save-the-planet" book, Stephen Erickson introduces you to exquisite creatures, human and non-human. The challenges they face reveal the immensity of the threat facing each of us — and its urgency.

More and more of us are realizing we are now facing humanity's greatest challenge. Over the next two decades, the global warming climate crisis threatens to bring about the end of our Anthropocene Epoch — of us and virtually every multicellular life form.

Widespread awareness is essential. Most of us don't realize who our Arch-Villain is — the main cause of our predicament. We all need to. And we can't win this fight without a clear understanding of the one solution we have. One which has been in existence since the beginning of time. Key to achieving this solution rapidly and at necessary scale are Five Compassions: for Animals, for Self, for the Land, for Community, and for Democracy.

Compassionate activism can create THE GREAT HEALING: the healing of our planet and the halting of the ongoing sixth great extinction. More than a "call-to-action" book, more than a book of compelling stories… this is a book with a plan.

Four esteemed thought leaders have joined Stephen, contributing 3 new short essays, photos, and a poem:

  • Wendell Berry - essayist, novelist, poet, farmer, national treasure
  • Joel Fuhrman, M.D. - author of 6 New York Times bestsellers including Eat to Live and The End of Diabetes
  • Alan Lewis - Food and Agriculture Policy for Natural Grocers
  • Jo-Anne McArthur - investigative photographer whose images are as heartbreaking as they are beautiful.

There is a reason you were born here in human form at this very special time. You matter. You are part of a special generation. You can create the future you want to see. Find your voice, use it. Join us in what will become the most important cause of all of humanity's endeavors to date.

You have the power. More than you realize. You'll see.


Visit our website: thegreathealing.org


“Erickson’s ability to connect climate science, copious data, and public policies with the lived experiences of people and other creatures sets this book apart. His emphasis on humane and caring methods reminds readers that winning hearts and minds is a prerequisite to capturing carbon. An inspired synthesis of environmental, cultural, economic, and political calls to action.”

— Kirkus Reviews

“The ambitious book’s five chapters highlight compassionate approaches toward animals, self, the land, community, and democracy. Erickson’s writing displays passion, clarity, and a grasp of every topic he tackles.”

— Kirkus Reviews

“Everyone with an interest in Agriculture (that is any person who consumes food) MUST READ
The Great Healing. This book will catapult the agricultural revolution of Modern Times.”

— Ted Dupmeier DVM MVSc
    Food Animal Veterinarian - 50 years
    Dr. Ted & Associates Veterinary Consulting

“I’ve been aware for some time of what the world has in store if we don’t band together and give to our earth and animals the nutrients and care they deserve. However, 'The Great Healing' prompted me into action in a way I never expected. It has truly changed my life. I’m a chef and how I eat, what I buy to prepare for my family and others, and how I even look at my backyard with visions of ways to rejuvenate my own soil and create a small farm, fills my mind daily. This is a life-altering read. I’m not one to proselytize, but after reading 'The Great Healing' I’ll take to the streets and spread the word. Believe.”

— Frankie Lee (Writer, Professional Chef)

"I am really happy you are doing this… big job, great contribution."

— Timothy LaSalle (CEO, The Rodale Institute, 2007-2010)

"OK, just finished reading your excellent chapter. It all looks really good to me---even inspiring---all so important to cultural transformations we need to embrace in our common future.

— Dr. Frederick Kirschenmann (Distinguished Fellow, The Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture; Author, Farmer)

"Very impressive. Yes, I would like to help with this and be involved. This is critical for humanity. Do you want to speak tomorrow morning, my cell is 908-…”

— Joel Fuhrman MD (6 x NYT bestselling Author)

“This is so good! You captured perfectly the majesty of Green Leaf - the farm, the neighborhood, the people. So evocative! I was magically transported to a place I frequent in my real life.”

— Diane Terrell (Co-founder and President, The 275 Food Project)

"I am happy and honored at the way you used my work here.”

— Kristin Ohlson (Author, The Soil Will Save Us, NYT bestselling Author)
About the author

Stephen Erickson has made a living with his writing for his entire career. He wrote and directed the feature film The Stonecutter. As an entertainment executive, he originated and established one Home Entertainment label and ran another, overseeing the licensing, development, marketing and worldwide release of nearly 400 programs onto broadcast, DVD and digital delivery platforms.

He did that while fathering his children on this fascinating planet during a short window of time that may prove to have been the most magnificent years for human beings ever to be alive.

With The Great Healing his wish and his goal are the same: to engage your interest, to introduce you to exquisite creatures, to alert you to a dire threat, to reveal our singular solution, and take you on an emotional journey.

Important challenges are upon us.

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