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Book details
  • Genre:DRAMA
  • SubGenre:European / English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh
  • Language:English
  • Pages:500
  • eBook ISBN:9781098355005
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098354992

The Girl with the Blue Ribbon

by G.W. Wallace

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A beautiful young teenage girl meets the boy of her dreams and after she says goodbye and returns home suddenly her life changes in a flash of an eye. Believing in destiny Rose McGinn is able to finally make her destiny years later and through fate she meets that boy again. But this time their simple teen years are gone and obstacales stand in their way of true love. Fighting horrific events from her past and those obstacales in front of her changes everything. This twisting story and the heartwrenching reality of discovering her own sadness is remarkable for anyone. Will Rose McGinn overcome the stumbling blocks that are keeping her from having true love in her life.

The summer of 1978 began Rose's teenage years. While on holiday Rose meets a boy of sixteen in a small New England town along the coast and at the docks; his name was Samuel Bennett. As they talked to one another Rose had forgotten to tell the boy her name, but she knew his. Her heart fluttered for the first time and after spending some time talking to the boy she was in love. The boy felt the same and although most would say that first loves don't last, theirs did. He kept her gift to him and never parted from it with the hopes she would return year after year. Returning home from that vacation her life transformed for the worst.

After living through hell for almost nineteen years Rose's life changes when her husband dies. She has the chance of a lifetime to begin again. Finally the dreams and hopes she once lost are in front of her. She makes a big decision to leave her home town and have her own business somewhere away from the hatred and sadness that had surrounded her for so long. She buys a business in Williams Port where she spent her last vacation at thirteen. This lovely little town that reminded her family of home in Ireland and where she met Samuel Bennett for the first time. Throughout the years she secretly kept Sam in her heart and new everything about him. All the while Sam Bennett kept her in his heart as well, but life changed for both of them. Rose felt with both their lives changed over the years she would never see him again. Things were looking up for Rose and it's was a new start. As she found new friends she formed a special relationship with older residents of Williams Port that no one cared for, but she found a way into their hearts. With her upbringing and desire to help others she reached out and made sure she humbly helped those in need. Enjoying the freedom to live, her world was about to go out of control.

Sam returned to her life, but he didn't know her because she'd grown-up and he never knew her name. Rose keeps her distance from him because as she knew over the years he wasn't just anyone, but the son of an aristocrat. Although her memory from that time on the dock so long ago was that of a simple boy, and not a nightmare spoiled rich kid. Her dreadful past is slowly catching up to her due to others trying to make her life dismal. She herself cannot comprehend what is happening to her, but the past she has hidden within her mind is trying to unleash itself like torment sent from hell. Only Rose can unleash the horrors of her past life, but she can't find the way. With the love of her close knit Irish family, friends and mostly Sam she has no idea of this small army that has banded together to help her move forward. Finding that true love and trust in others will be a long road.

About the author

G.W. Wallace was born and raised in the Buckeye state of Ohio. Growing up as a second generation American she spent a great deal of time watching old movies and reading books due to illnesses as a child. Her love of literature inspired her to write this first time novel. Ms. Wallace doesn't write about romance, but true love that isn't always easy to find. Ms. Wallace has lived in several places including abroad. She spends her time enjoying music, writing, being outside, but mostly loving her family and her big dog.

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