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  • Genre:TRAVEL
  • SubGenre:Food, Lodging & Transportation / Road Travel
  • Language:English
  • Pages:65
  • eBook ISBN:9781483559445

The Future Fulltimer's Roadmap

10 Landmarks to Lead You to Freedom

by Jon Penland

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Have you ever dreamed of become a modern day nomad? Have you thought of living in an RV, finding work as you travel, and hitting the road? If you have, you are not alone. Every day more people find their way from a regular predictable life, to a life of greater freedom and adventure as fulltime RVers. However, finding your way isn't easy, and your journey will be smoother and faster if you have a map to show you the way. This book is your map. It highlights the ten landmarks you will need to reach as you transition from the life you have to the life you want. Every aspiring fulltimer faces unique challenges, so rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach, this book provides a high-level overview of the challenges you will face, and prepares you with the knowledge you need to tackle the obstacles that lie in your way. If you're ready to start learning what it will take to become a fulltime RVer, this book is for you.


If you've ever considered becoming a fulltime RVer - someone who lives, works, and plays in an RV as they see the country - then this book is for you. Becoming a fulltime RVer can be overwhelming. There are some many things to think about. How much does it cost to be a fulltime RVer? How do RVers make money from the road? Aren't all RVers wealthy? What are the different types of RVs, and what are the differences between them? Can families live on the road in an RV? How do RVers get their mail, file taxes, keep their vehicles registered, and find health insurance? This book provides a way of looking at the transition to fulltime RVing that answers all of these questions, and many more. So if you're ready to learn what it takes to become a fulltime RVer, this ebook is for you.

About the author

Jon is a father, husband, freelance writer, and RV dweller. He believes in living differently, and living intentionally. After spending seven years pursuing a traditional career, Jon, along with his wife Meagan, chose to change tracks and pursue a life of independence and adventure as nomadic, remote-working, fulltime RVers. Read this book, and you'll see how they did it, and how you can do the same.