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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Magical Realism
  • Language:English
  • Pages:260
  • eBook ISBN:9798350943962
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350934717

The Fly Who Knew Too Much

A comic novel

by M. Taylor

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The Fly Who Knew Too Much follows the journey of a fly navigating the worlds of entertainment, politics, law, therapy, horse racing, gambling, and drug cartels. The narration is from the fly's POV, who makes unexpected social commentary as his journey proceeds. This story centers on the unlikely bond between the fly and a rising Hollywood actress living in Malibu, whose career is rising faster than insects reproduce. Much to her surprise, they develop a means of silent communication, as the fly cannot speak. The fly is directed to eavesdrop, undetected, in many venues, and return with useful information. Their world takes a perilous turn when the fly is unwittingly caught on camera, triggering an FBI investigation that ensnares the fly and his benefactress. While the actress is allowed to pursue her career and reap the benefits of her blockbuster film hit, the fly faces an impossible choice – a treacherous mission for the FBI or death by dissection. The FBI sends the fly on a mission to infiltrate a Mexican drug cartel – a journey that foils a major drug shipment, and also reveals a plot by the leader of the drug cartel that endangers the actress. The rescue of his devoted companion becomes the most challenging moment of the fly's life.
The Fly Who Knew Too Much is a fast-paced race through the entertainment industry, politics, the legal system, therapy, horse racing, gambling, and even drug cartels. What makes this journey unique is the first-person narrative rendered solely by a fly. Central to the story is the fly's relationship with a beautiful blonde actress living in Malibu, whose career is rising faster than insects reproduce. Much to her surprise, she learns that she and the fly can communicate. Although the fly cannot speak, he can follow her directions to eavesdrop, undetected, and then communicate his findings through the use of body language and buzzing in response to her questions. From his lofty position, usually on a wall and beyond the line of sight, the fly observes the human condition with a clear view. Due to his many experiences, most generated by the actress, he progresses from being a mere curiosity to a trusted friend and confidant. The two principal characters travel together, celebrating their mutual triumphs, holding tight to their secret relationship, which, if disclosed, could derail and destroy the promising career of the actress. A woman who talks to a fly and allows him to inhabit her home would be a risky choice to employ in film or television. The fly recognizes one glaring flaw in the actress that he cannot change. She has terrible judgment when it comes to men. She chooses exceptionally handsome men, unworthy of her beauty, intelligence, and insight. However, he manages to affect those relationships in subtle ways that ultimately expose the character of those men. Most of the fly's exploits are tense and dangerous, primarily because of the human propensity to strike a mortal blow when confronted by a harmless insect. Ultimately, the fly is caught on camera, which leads to an FBI investigation of both the fly and the actress. She is released to reap the benefits of stardom in her first blockbuster hit, while the fly is sent to Mexico to infiltrate a drug cartel – or face certain death by dissection. His mission is to infiltrate a drug cartel and prevent a major drug infusion into the US. While completing his assignment, he overhears a plot that would endanger the life of the now world-famous actress. The fly learns that the FBI cannot protect his former confidant, leading him to the most challenging moment of his life, the protection of his devoted companion. On his own, he invents a never-before-utilized method of protection to prevent harm to his mentor and friend. Through all of his death-defying crises, the fly has acquired human attitudes, behaviors, and thoughts. Having long outlived the normal life thirty-day lifespan of a fruit fly, he considers his demise from a human perspective The mystery of the human afterlife is now his… Is there an afterlife, and will he be a part of it? If humans go to Heaven, are flies welcome there too?
About the author
M. Taylor is an author with a rich background and a wealth of life experience that affects his writing. A native Californian and graduate of UC Berkeley and UCLA Law School, he employed his legal expertise over five decades in many corners of the world. During his varied career, he represented a diverse clientele from the world of film actors, directors, writers, film production companies, NBA players, and even a famed whistleblower. His legal journey extended far beyond the conventional civil and criminal cases, venturing into international matters spanning Mexico, Japan, Tahiti, Hawaii, Canada, and Switzerland. Beyond his professional achievements, Taylor is a devoted family man, with three adult children, and has shared a marriage of 36 years with his wife. Today, he resides in the state of California, where he continues to channel his wealth of experiences into his literary pursuits.