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  • Genre:NATURE
  • SubGenre:Environmental Conservation & Protection
  • Language:English
  • Pages:43
  • eBook ISBN:9781483522197

The Final Technology For Sustainable Earth

Can the E.V.W. Computer Technology Save the Earth?

by Frank Sugi

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Can all people on Earth become rich, which is the level of advanced country at present? If the answer is Yes, then what is the Earth going to be? Can we have clean air to breathe at that time? What about clean water, food, green and so on? We now must find a right solution to be rich without deteriorating the Earth. This book suggest a computer technology to realize the world to satisfy the desire of richness with the sustainable Earth.
“Do you want to become rich?” If I give you this question, I think ‘most people’ will answer “Yes”. And this is very reasonable and agreeable. But have you ever considered the number of ‘most people’? There are about 7 billion people in the world now. Then, have you ever considered the state of Earth when 7 billion people became rich? What about clean water and clean air? Do we have clean water to drink at that time? Can we even breathe in the natural air? What about energy and resources? Even if we use solar or wind for energy generation, we need the materials to make the equipment for energy generation. Do we have enough materials for that? What about food supply? What about the green on Earth such as tree or grasses? What about other species than human being? And so on and so on. Then, should we give up the idea that 7 billion people become rich? The answer is ‘No’ because every people must have equal right. Then, is the austerity the right answer? The answer is ‘No’ because of the reason that I wrote in this book. Then, what should we do? We, as the human being, must find the right solution for the requirement that 7 billion people can become rich without damaging the Earth immediately because the climate change has already started on Earth and the population in the world is still increasing. The idea written in this book is my suggestion to the people in the world to satisfy the above requirement. Although the computer technology called Entering the Virtual World is not actually developed, I think it is practicable to develop if the world moves towards the realization of it. I know many people have many ideas and opinions, but we need a solution right now to get the sustainable Earth. And the solution must be fair to everyone on Earth. After you read this fiction story and then, if you start thinking about a right idea to protect the Earth, I think my aim of publishing this book is achieved.
About the author
I am a retired person. And I want to suggest an idea to make a sustainable Earth.