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  • SubGenre:Healthy Living
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  • Pages:136
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667880600

The End of Try Try Again Action Workbook

Overcome Your Weight Loss and Exercise Struggles for Good

by Kristen Carter MS View author's profile page

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You can stop wondering why you have not succeeded at trying to lose weight and exercise more.  We are surrounded by the wrong messages and are led down a path to alleged solutions that are not sustainable.

Why would you continue to follow a program that asks you to white-knuckle your way through it in the hopes that you will start to like your new habits and behaviors? 

The End of Try Try Again Action Workbook turns that approach on its head and spells out a different approach to diet and exercise that will stay with you forever.  This approach follows on from the basic principles laid out in Kristen’s book, The End of Try Try Again.  Both books are based on body/brain science and her extensive experience working with clients.  

The Action Workbook is just that.  It provides a clear, concise, progressive action plan that empowers you to make specific small changes over time.  Using her expert guidance, you chose each change for yourself.  The end result is a series of changes that will finally get you to the diet and exercise goals that may eluded you in the past. 


Are you sick and tired of trying to lose weight and exercise more? Do you wonder why you haven’t been able to reach your goals, or do you even blame yourself for that? 

The End of Try Try Again Action Workbook is the companion book to The End of Try Try Again.  Both books are for anyone who has tried repeatedly to lose weight and exercise more, only to fall back to old ways.  Both books provide you the right tools to make meaningful changes that will lead to reaching your goals of losing weight and exercising more. 

The End of Try Try Again provides the awareness of where we can go wrong and then leads the way to a new approach.  The End of Try Try Again Action Workbook follows on from there and gives you a step-by-step way to implement that new approach. 

Often we are surrounded by the wrong messages and are led down a path to alleged solutions that are not sustainable.  The End of Try Try Again and the Action Workbook call those out and replaces those messages with research-based actions that are sustainable.

Making big changes to how we eat and exercise is complex!  There are no easy answers!  But, the Action Workbook breaks the process down into an easy-to-follow, logical progression of small bites that lead to real change. It provides you with the guidance you need to make a series of meaningful and sustainable choices that will bring real success. 

The Action Workbook throws out the old message of needing to call up a great deal of motivation before taking on a new diet or exercise program.  When a change feels daunting, or not very appealing, where is the incentive to keep going with it? 

The Action Workbook provides a step-by-step guide to switching your approach to your weight loss and exercise goals. You end up celebrating each change as a win, feeling the results, and staying motivated to continue.  By the way, each new action you choose comes from you!  The Action Workbook gives you the tools, and then lets you select the changes that fit into your life.  After all, no one knows you and what your life is like better than you! 

This workbook walks you through a process of habit and behavior change, and perhaps more importantly, shows you how to evaluate what has been holding you back in the past so that you can move forward in a different way. 

The Action Workbook uses a thoroughly researched and tested approach that is not just another shot in the dark!  It is not based on another “diet” or a set of advice, but rather sets you up to take the right actions, in the right order, and with the right approach to finally get you to your weight loss and exercise goals.  In the end, you become a healthier version of yourself…for good. 

About the author

KRISTEN CARTER, MS is the founder of Design for Fitness, LLC and has been working in fitness and nutrition for over 30 years. She is the creator of the popular Design for Fitness Health and Fitness Blog, and the Psychology Today Health and Human Nature Blog.

Kristen re-examines the tools we have been using to lead healthier lives by taking a fresh look at some of the challenges we face. She studies the obstacles posed by our environment, such as fast food, body images promoted by the fitness industry, commercialism in gyms, and pressure from those selling the latest diet or fitness fad. She takes into account the realities of our busy lives and current lifestyles. She keeps close tabs on research in body/brain chemistry and human behavior as they affect diet and fitness.

Kristen holds an M.S. in Exercise Physiology from Temple University. She is a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Titleist Golf Fitness Specialist, and is trained in Lifestyle Management and Weight Control, and Health Coaching. Kristen has been on national podcasts, live radio, and You Tube interviews. She is a public speaker, workshop leader, and author of numerous articles through her blogs.

Kristen and her husband live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, where she takes advantage of the great outdoors to exercise and appreciate nature. She can be reached at

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