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Book details
  • SubGenre:Coming of Age
  • Age Range (years):13 and up
  • Language:English
  • Pages:372
  • eBook ISBN:9798350933079
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350933062

The Cusser Club

A Tawdry, Titillating Texas Tale

by Randall Northcutt

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Fifteen-year-old Teddy Nutscalder is determined to do the impossible: rescue Missy Turnbow, a beautiful high society girl, from the perverted advances of her mobster stepfather. Relying solely on his wits, Teddy must also battle both the town bully and an abusive father of his own, all amidst Dix Knob's lively treasure festival. He develops a wicked plan to get even with his enemies and save Missy, but sinister secrets run deep in the Sabine River town. The star-crossed lovers soon find themselves hopelessly entangled in a web of murder and mystery. Desperate to be a hero, Teddy recruits a comical cast of 'Knobbers' to help him navigate the seedy underbelly of the boondock bottoms and an occult fraternity known only as 'The Cusser Club.' The legend surrounding a long-lost fortune in gold simmers beneath the surface of this racy coming-of-age tale slathered in satire, humor, and heartbreak.
During an annual treasure festival in the Sabine River town of Dix Knob, Texas, Teddy Nutscalder and his friends Mickey O'Dell and Tommy Crum scheme to help Missy, a beautiful high society girl, escape the lascivious advances of her criminal stepfather. The outliers face constant struggle in a declining quarry town with no prospects. Not only must Teddy deal with an abusive father and the haunting memory of his dead twin sister, he is incessantly stalked by the town bully. Mickey struggles to support his family after his father is imprisoned and is embarrassed by the fact his 17-year-old sister Brandy earns most of the family's income by dancing at a topless bar. Tommy is going blind and is desperate for a new treatment his family cannot afford. The boys first encounter Missy on a train trestle, contemplating suicide. She attends private Catholic school and has nothing in common with them. Teddy manages to talk her down and although initially rebuffed, he falls for Missy and is torn between her and his quasi-girlfriend, a sweet but dimwitted schoolmate. While earning a few dollars cleaning up Rick Blaine's Casablanca bar, the boys accidentally discover a hidden entrance into an adjacent condemned fraternity hall known informally as the Cusser Club. After breaching the heavily fortified building, they discover hidden passages used during prohibition and blithely lay claim to the long-abandoned property. All the while, metal detectorists from all over the country search for the lost 'Treasure 'O the Knob,' a hoard of rare gold coins that disappeared in a shootout between police and bandits during Hurricane Audrey a decade earlier. The community is electrified when several coins are uncovered, but festivity gives way to grief after Mickey is seriously wounded when he steps between Brandy and a gun wielding stalker. Teddy's father beats him severely and the town bully humiliates him during a romantic interlude with Missy. Resolving to overcome his timidity and cowardice, Teddy stands up to his father and sets a trap to wreck the bully as he rides a motorcycle through an abandoned sandstone quarry. Teddy's trap is only the beginning of the gang's problems: treasure-hunting, mafia violence, and a sabotaged political campaign make the boys grow up faster than planned.
About the author
Randall is a sixth generation Texan, small town doctor, and an avid student of Texas legend and lore. He is a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Freemason and Past Grand Chancellor of the Knights of Pythias. Life among rednecks, boondock angels, and outlaws provides endless fodder for humor and satire in his writing.