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  • Genre:SCIENCE
  • SubGenre:Earth Sciences / General
  • Language:English
  • Series title:The War Between the Kingdoms
  • Series Number:2
  • Pages:296
  • eBook ISBN:9780942442656
  • Hardcover ISBN:9781667876610

The Conspirators

by W. R. Reinhardt

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God knows the beginning from the end. "Salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God have come, and so has the authority of Christ to rule. The accuser of our brothers who accuse them day and night before God and has been defeated and is cast out of Heaven forever. Those who he accused overcame him by their faith in the blood of the lamb and by their personal witness, and they did not shrink from giving their lives in death for Him who loved them. Rev. 12:8-11. Mankind approaches the beginning of the last Apocalypse, which started with the expansion of the perpetual war in Ukraine. This apocalypse has been marked by global climate change, the poisoning of our lakes, oceans and atmosphere, and the breakdown of civil order. Will Mutual Assured Destruction with the exchange of ICBMs mark the end of mankind? Or will God rescue us from the fiery end of this planet? Elon Musk has a spot for himself on SpaceX. What are your plans for eternity?
ANCIENT ALIEN DEMONS CONSPIRE WITH HUMAN HENCHMEN TO DEPOPULATE THE EARTH In The Conspirators, by W.R. Reinhardt, Earth balances precariously at the tipping point of survival due to global climate changes. The likelihood looms of Mutual Assured Destruction in an exchange of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. In order to save Earth, invisible Aliens manipulate a powerful cadre of human Illuminati. The multibillionaires vow to reduce the planet's population by ninety percent within one generation through perpetual warfare, viral pandemics, and environmental destruction. The Immortals invoke their plan to save Earth from complete environmental destruction and shed the cruel chains of Alien bondage from the humans. The Immortals seek allies among the humans who would be suitable citizens of a civilization of peaceful Immortals who would thrive in an Earth made new. The Aliens also seek allies among the humans, offering inducements that include riches, fame, power, and a lifetime of pleasurable pursuits. As the Alien demons work their will into the psyche of their human allies, the humans become unwitting hosts, possessed by demons. The author mixes literary techniques akin to John Bunyan and C.S. Lewis in a tale wherein demons are constrained by Rules of Engagement, and Lucifer teaches object lessons to his Legionnaires in holographic chambers and in live events. Holy angels enforce the Rules which prevent demons from wielding undue influence. This sci-fi novel engages societal norms, religion, and philosophy in a contemporary satire. The events of the novel certainly summon current big-picture issues like global climate change, perpetual war, nuclear disarmament, viral pandemics, civil unrest, and human trafficking. IN A DISTURBING YET ENTERTAINING FASHION, REINHARDT DEMONSTRATES THE ANALYSIS OF A DEEP THINKER WHO VOICES CONCERNS ABOUT CURRENT TRENDS WHICH DEFY SIMPLE SOLUTIONS.
About the author
W. R. Reinhardt is a news junky and an avid reader of both fiction and history. A 1973 grad of Duke University, Ray worked as a broker in the securities industry until his retirement in in 2010. He published two novels in 2021; Entry to Alliance Empire and Alliance Regime. His third novel is the first in a four-part series which begins with the Russo-Ukrainian war (Pathway to Destiny), published September 2022. The Conspirators will be published in November 2022. The illustrated figures are fantastic; the stories are spell-binding. His novels are apocalyptic and present a plausible route to fulfilment of the prophecies of Daniel and the Revelation, which conclude with the Second Coming of Jesus. The time period covered in the novels is ten - twenty years. Ray lives in Knoxville.