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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Romance / General
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Dating John Doe
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:118
  • eBook ISBN:9798350945027
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350944402

The Chronicles of John Doe Dating Disasters

When Swiping Right Goes Wrong.

by Veronica Gomez and Charli Carr

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In "The Chronicles of John Doe: Dating Disasters," we navigate the unpredictable dating scene through the eyes of women who've each met their own "John Doe." From the startling revelation of a cheating spouse to the complexities of a polyamorous entanglement and from the deep challenges of a relationship marred by addiction to the dangerous allure of a charming scammer, each woman's story is uniquely gripping. As these diverse experiences with love, deceit, and resilience intertwine, they paint a vivid picture of the modern quest for romance. This collection of stories is a rollercoaster of emotions, delivering a powerful narrative about the search for love amidst the chaos of dating.
"In "The Chronicles of John Doe: Dating Disasters," we delve into the dynamic love lives of several women, all of whom encountered men they referred to as "John Doe." These women's dating experiences range from outrageous to unforgettable. John Doe the Cheating Husband: Jane Doe thought she'd found Mr. Right but soon discovered that her charismatic John Doe had a dark secret—he was married! Unveiling the truth led to a series of dramatic confrontations and life-altering decisions. The Three-Faced John Doe: Jane Doe's world was spun upside down when her charismatic John Doe introduced her to his two other partners. A roller coaster of emotions, jealousy, and passion ensued as they navigated the complexities of a throuple relationship. John Doe, the Substance Abuser: Jane Doe's "picture perfect" romance with John Doe took a harrowing turn when she realized he was battling a severe substance abuse problem. Her journey to help him recover tested her limits and boundaries. The Scamming John Doe: Jane Doe met John Doe on a dating app and fell head over heels. Little did she know that he was a master manipulator with a knack for financial scams. Her pursuit of love became a thrilling and suspenseful ride. These women's stories intertwine throughout the book, leading to surprising and unexpected connections. "The Chronicles of John Doe: Dating Disasters" is a rush of emotions, filled with lessons in resilience, self-discovery, and the enduring search for love in a world of dating nightmares.
About the author
Veronica Gomez is a model from Houston, Texas. Known for her striking presence in Playboy, she has graced the fashion world as a professional model, working with major brands and renowned photographers. However, Veronica's life isn't confined to the flashbulbs of the modeling world. For nearly two decades, she has been a familiar face behind the bar, serving drinks and, more importantly, listening to the myriad stories only a bartender can hear. Veronica found her inspiration to write from this unique vantage point of balancing the high life of modeling with the grounded, often raw reality of bartending. Her book isn't just a leap from modeling to writing; it's an odyssey through the countless unheard tales she has encountered. Veronica believes in the power of storytelling, the kind that emerges over a cocktail and under the dim lights of a bar. In Veronica's debut as a published author, she brings to life the stories that have intrigued and moved her. While these narratives are not reflections of her life, they are the result of years of listening and observing the human condition in its most unguarded moments. Veronica invites you to delve into a world as fascinating as her journey as a celebrated model to her kickoff as an author.